Many times we went through different body pains that comes suddenly, we are unable to identify why the pain suddenly come up and we try to reduce the pain by applying different gels and creams to get relief from the pain. Sometimes we apply gels and pain relief creams without prior knowledge of how and for what to use the gel. We also sometimes end up using some medicines without doctor’s suggestion, we think they will reduce the pain. But this approach is a little danger from a doctors point of view, medicines and pain killers must be used on doctor’s suggestion. They’re few natural medicinal products available for us, which helps to get relief from the pain. These natural products are from the fruits, vegetables, trees and available from many more medicinal trees.

Their food items that can give relief from the pain and are available for us in our surroundings, these are very good at their job.

Fish Oil

The fresh fish oil contains remedies which helps get relieved from the pain and pain related diseases, the fish oil contains the Fatty acids called Omega-3, these stops the generation of bad chemicals cytokines and leukortriens in the body which create some serious pains.


Eating blueberries will reduce the chances of getting stomach pain, blueberries contain plenty of antioxidants which helps in reducing infections in the urinary system. These berries also help in killing the free radicals in the digestive system.


Eating daily a handful grape can reduces the backache, the nutrients and proteins in the grapes will help in increasing the blood circulation in the blood vessels of backbone and in the lower back. By increasing blood circulation in that area the pain will be eliminated.


It helps to fight with motion sickness which is another reason for pain in the body. Ginger is a great root that has anti inflammatory properties, having a ginger tea daily can reliefs body pains.


It is an ancient natural medicine that everyone knows that can cure different infections and problems of the human body. It is also used as pain killer; it works like a charm when used for pain killer.


This is a fruit that can help a lot in reducing your pains with its delicious taste; you can enjoy the fruit and also get relieved from the pains. The fruit helps in blood circulation like grapes does. But pineapple has another advantage that is, it eases the bloated stomach and heaviness, it removes the bad compounds inside our body.