Know how many of us remember that trophy that we won at school or with our local football team? And if you are anything like me then I know that you even it on show in your home! I mean it’s a trophy, you can’t not show it off right? Believe it or not there are many different types of trophies. Winning and receiving a trophy is virtually the ultimate climax in victory. So perhaps if you are part of your local sport group or work place – you could suggest to them to perhaps have an annual awards night where they could present the winners with trophies! Here’s a breakdown of the different types of trophies you can get:
Acrylic Trophy

The acrylic is a clear plastic that is made to look like glass but is nowhere near as heavy! However, acrylic glass can be easier to shape than traditional glass making it a good choice for unusual shaped awards. The most common high end acrylic used is Polycast, Plexiglass and Lucite. Acrylic is 93% clear making it the clearest material available. Really thick glass sometimes has a green tint to it whereas the acrylic remains clear.  They are traditionally used in the corporate sector, because they are normally cheaper than glass trophies and can easily be engraved upon.

Crystal Trophy

Crystal has a diamond like quality that makes it brilliant and a beautiful choice for very special awards, and I say very special because for good quality, they tend to be very expensive. However, if you have the budget to spare then they are a really great option for those that are looking for something extra special. Crystal needs to be cut into the shape that you require and most award making companies will customise it for you.

Metal Awards

Metal that is iron, bronze, silver, gold and even platinum can be used to make your trophy. The more common metals used are bronze and iron. Bronze can also be plated with silver or gold making it a top choice. Metal can be structured into any shape and size and is unbreakable so they last for a very long time without damage.

Wood Plaques

Now these are traditionally used for football teams (may be you boys have a few of those plaques lying around? Man of the match?), wooden plaques are a flat surface award that can either be hung like a frame or it is mounted on another wooden base. They are popular to give as children’s awards because they are inexpensive and virtually indestructible.


They are innovative and exclusively designed award cups find an extensive use in schools, colleges, universities and other allied institutions. They are used to recognize winners who take part in various sports and cultural events that are generally celebrated in education centres. Cups are particularly great for those who are involved with sporting events, they are traditionally given out at sport ceremonies, and so if you are part of your local tennis holiday group or football team then I would recommend cups as the ideal option!

Glass Awards

Glass awards are a fabulous option for trophies, because they are a reasonable price and can be customized to exactly how you want them. Not only do they look expensive but they also stand the test of time. Not to mention the variety of different coloured glass or even coloured logos can be engraved onto the glass awards – this is a really great flexible option!

No matter what the occasion and what type of trophy you are looking for, you can easily find them in the market today, both on and offline. There are all kinds of awards for all kinds of events, so make sure you choose wisely – they may be someone’s prized possession on their mantel piece for a lifetime. Good luck in finding the perfect one and give the achievers a type of souvenir they deserve.

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