Most of the big industries are using phone interviews to quickly and inexpensively narrow down their choices. The phone interview is the hiring manager’s first impression. This intermediate step allows recruiters to quickly assess your personality and motivation. The slightest error may opt out of the recruitment process.

Wait Too Long to Remember

If the company left a message, don’t take more time to remember: it’s not a flirt Remember as soon as you can, being sure to keep in mind all the necessary information!: the name of the person who contacted you, the position for which you applied, etc.

Don’t remember the Company

If you have applied the more jobs in recent times and juggled your application, you may be a little confusing when you are unexpectedly contacted by a recruiter. But “You are what company yet? What was the job? “Are phrases to banish, obviously?

Never to be caught off guard and keep a clear head, keep on hand an Excel document containing all the jobs to which you have applied to the status of your application and some information about the proposed position and company.

Poor Telephone Communication

Poor network (you are on the train), entertainment (you’re driving)… Nothing like ruining a telephone interview. When you receive a call from a recruiter, try to place you in a quiet environment. If this is not possible, explain your situation to the recruiter and say you’ll call back later, because communication is likely to be poor or to cut off. Better a delay than a dialogue of the deaf on the phone.

Don’t Be Prepared

This interview is a test to access the upper stage of the recruitment process: the interview face to face. To move the selection, you should at least be able to answer basic questions like “Why do you think you are the right person for this job” or “What do you like about our company.” Ask before to be well prepared when your phone rings.

Speak Calmly

On the phone, there is great risk of talking without a loud voice, you can’t use your attitude and expressions to show you warm and friendly. Everything has to go through your voice. Always speak with a smile (the tone of your voice is actually modified) and heal your intentions. Don’t answer yes by to show your interest and listen carefully to the end the question before responding, to have time to think.

Not Understanding Who and Why

It is important to understand who will be interviewing you. You’ll be talking with someone, make sure to ask name and title. If it is an HR representative, most likely the main purpose of the interview, your resume, your communication skills to ensure that the assessment of the facts, and determine if you are fit for the culture of the organization.