Young women keep hunting for cosmetic products everywhere to enhance their beauty and try to look younger. They try whatever they are suggested from friends or beautician but in the quest of an effective product never accept anything that is unlabelled. Here let’s discuss 6 top reasons for not to buy unlabelled Cosmetic Products.

6 Top Reasons For Not To Buy Unlabelled Cosmetic ProductsThese products may contain some harmful ingredients and since they are unlabelled you cannot ensure their absence or presence. Next time see carefully if your cosmetic products contain these as ingredients. You can also buy cosmetic products online using Amazon India Coupons to save money where only labelled products are sold.


Alcohols are added in many products like shampoos, creams, lotions and toners to give them good fragrance. Presence of alcohol can cause irritation and dryness in the skin. Therefore, look for alcohol free products or the products labelled permissible alcohol. Many times alcohol is mentioned as glycol instead of alcohol.


Mercury is a toxic chemical it is used in eye liner and mascaras along with bindis and sindoor. It can cause irritation in eyes or can make the eyelashes thin. Sometimes eye liners and mascaras also contain parabens like ethyl paraben and butylparaben which extends their shelf life but it can cause irritation and redness in eyes.


Ammonia free hair dyes are very well promoted on television these days. It can cause skin pigmentation and skin redness. Sometimes it is also responsible for drop in blood pressure and can also make the person collapse.


Hydroquinone is often used in fairness and skin lightening cream. It is a bleaching agent and can cause skin allergies and reactions. It is prescribed by doctors for skin pigmentation but the excessive use of hydroquinone can cause white spots since the skin loses its colour completely or can lead the skin develop dark patches.


Presence of steroids can cause eruptions, pustules, infections and boils if it is present in fairness cream. Steroids are also responsible for pigmentation, excessive facial hair and white patches on the skin.

Magnesium Silicate

Magnesium Silicate in talcum powders is used to give smoothness but babies can develop respiratory diseases if they inhale it. Powder can also cause skin irritation after getting absorbed in the skin.

This is the list of some harmful chemicals that are added to the cosmetic products make you aware of the disorders you might have. Therefore, next time read the labels and details of the products carefully. Do not believe just anyone and use unlabelled products.

6 Top Reasons For Not To Buy Unlabelled Cosmetic ProductsYou can also buy beauty products online using Slassy Coupons to get discounts as well. Online stores always offer authentic and branded products. Make the best use of your hard-earned money and protect your skin from harmful effects of such chemicals.