Brow lift

Brow lift is a surgical operation done on the forehead or the upper part of the head to reduce the effects of aging. In some cases, it is not necessary that the victim be aged. Some activities as well as the diet will make a person look old and have the forehead filled with contours. Such will make the face look unattractive. To improve the appearance, one needs to seek intervention from the brow lift surgeons. These will use several techniques to make the forehead, the eyelids as well as the eyebrows take the shape of a youthful person for a better appearance. There are soft tissues that are responsible for the skin stretching and hanging. These tissues are removed after small incision are made. The incisions are made in way that they will go away after the healing period is over. The surgeries are proven with many patients getting the desired results after they undergo the surgeries.

How they are performed

With time, there has been very many ways of approaching brow lift Melbourne procedures. These have evolved from the traditional approaches to the recent strategies that incorporate the advanced technology equipment. The quality of the results obtained is also of high quality these days. At first, the surgeon will make incisions to the forehead region, eyelids and the eye brow areas. The location of the incisions will vary with the individual patient. Some will only require some incisions on the forehead alone to tighten the skin. Others will have their incisions at the scalp for the scars to be hidden in the head region. After the incisions are made, the excess fat, skin or muscles are gotten rid of. This will ensure that the skin will be tightened manually for a younger look. The techniques used by the surgeon to make incisions are many as discussed below.

Open brow lift

As the name suggests, the surgeon will open the forehead skin open. He/she will then have the room to manipulate the tissues making up the forehead. The excess fat for example is eliminated. Any other tissue that may be unwanted will also be removed for better results. Brow lift surgeon will then close the incision made along the hair line after all the necessary job is done. Stitches are then fixed on the opened skin area and the patient is free for the recovery period. The new position of the skin will therefore allow a tightened skin and hence a younger look.

Endoscopic type of brow lift

This is where modern technology is used. The brow lift surgeon will first make very small incisions. The devices are then fitted to the small incisions and the surgeon will do the operation from a camera. All the tissues inside the forehead skin will be clearly visible so that the unwanted parts will be removed. This will ensure a better look of the forehead that is not sagging. The incisions made here are very small so that there will be no many scars. The level of results produced is however not beneficial to all the patients.