There is little doubt that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. In fact, most people love their pets like any other member of their family. This has not gone unnoticed by the tech industry. The technology world has responded by introducing great technology and apps for pet lovers. Sites like Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic have been raving about these tech tools designed to keep your dog fit.


Whistle is a fitness monitor that can be attached to the pet’s collar. The app tracks a person’s daily activities. Any activity like a walk or playtime is documented. Sleep habits can even be monitored. The waterproof technology allows a person to track swimming habits. Social interaction is also tracked as well; the monitor tracks when the dog engages with a family member. Goal setting capabilities allow one to measure the activity levels of a dog over time. Reporting capabilities deliver real time data for activity recorded.

3 Tech Tools To Keep Your Dog Fit


Petcube is another technological innovation for pet owners. Several key components are required to utilize the solution. Audio equipment and a laser pointer come with the system. Petcube allows owners to monitor their pet’s activity remotely and record the activity. Photos and footage captured with Petcube can be shared online with friends and family. The laser component enables the person to play chase remotely with their animal and watch the events unfold. Pet owners no longer have to worry about what their pets are up to when they are away and can now keep them active remotely with the laser toy feature.


MapMyDogwalk is another great app to track activity. Owners map out their walks and can record their daily activity with their pet. GPS technology on the phone keeps track of distance walked. Goal tracking mechanisms permit one to track progress long term for their health and fitness goals. Duration, pace, elevation and other performance metrics are recorded. The walking activity is automatically uploaded to the website. One can review the data and share it with others. Photos can also be taken along the walk and are geo-tagged throughout the journey. Interactive maps, real-time tracking, manual entry capabilities and social media integration all work together in this convenient MapMyDogwalk app.

Technology has transformed the way owners interact with their pets. Pet owners can be fully invested in the health of their little best friend and can keep them active with these high tech tools. With these apps, pet owners no longer have to be separate from their little friends. These technologies keep pets fit, and some even inspire their owners to get out and explore with them. There is little doubt that technology that benefits both pet and owner will continue to evolve and get even better as the years go by.