Hairs and hairstyles are something daunting to most women including fashion experts. Especially when your hair plays stubborn, finding the right way to style it requires immense patience. With long hair, everything becomes complicated. Honestly, many people prefer having long hairs. However, finding the perfect way to keep and style it challenging. Compared to short hair that can be styled in a minute or less, long hair requires extra effort. Despite this, there are super versatile hairdos that can auger well with long hair. You only need to find the trick on how to swindle them into a recreational and exquisite style. Some of them include:

Top 10 Hairstyles You Can Try With Long Hair

1. Bubble Ponytail

The ponytail is among the historically most common and famous hairdo. Different models and hair experts have brought in different modifications of this style to suit individuals. A common style with long hair is the bubble ponytail. Here, you wear a simple ponytail placing a lot of hair ties between the ponytail creating a bubble effect. The rest of the hair is then pulled out and backcombed for a bouffant. This is the best hairstyles for girls and ladies attending concerts, summer events or night outs where elegance is everything.

2. Topknot With Bangs

A topknot is another common hairstyle. A variation of this style is devised to suit longer hairs. It is suitable for a lady who needs to make her hairdo effortlessly. Adding a lot of hairsprays is important to make it easy for an updo. This is a common style for fashionistas and actors in need of an easy, fabulous look.

3. Side-Swept Waves

Making this style is quite easy. As the name suggests, side waves are the identifying feature of this style. All you need is curling tongs with a thick barrel to aid in curling your hair and hairspray of your choice. Spray your hair alongside the curling process to facilitate the easy formation of waves.

4. Half Up, Half Down

This is a relatively fast and equally perfect hairstyle for day outs and beach weddings. To make this, tease your hair at the crown and secure it with a perfectly discreet hairpin at the back. The extra volume requires a good amount of volumizing product for a fine appearance.

5. Messy Side Pony

This is the other type of ponytail that suits long hair. It is preferred by many as it can be worn everywhere. Additionally, the hair is not overdone and appears unfussy, unkempt but totally sexy. Certainly, many people love a simple, messy look.

6. Long Straight Hair

Many people love this simple, shiny and sleek straight hairdo. Making this style is simple. Just blow dry the center of the partitioned hair and apply a little texturizing hair gel on top and the sides to create a shiny, elegant and polished look. You can then use a flat iron or any other item that would make your long hair straight and smooth. An anti-frizz serum can also be used to smoothen it.

7. Loose Side Plaits

If you need some luscious, long and casual braided tresses, then this is the style for you. Here, the hair is set to an undone, glossy and loosely set with the aid of hairspray and braiding.

8. Sexy Updo With Headbands

This style could be the best hairstyle for girls with blonde hair in need of a sexy and undone updo. To keep your locks in place use a non-greasy hairspray and a flat iron. Create a bouffant by teasing your tresses; grabbing it for a messy look. Finish off by using elastic headbands for a youthful look.

9. Formal Bun

As the name suggests, it is the perfect style for parties and formal events. Taking some inspiration from models including Selena Gomez, pull your hair tight and make a ponytail. Use a discreet hair pin to secure it then wrap it to form a formal bun. Doing it correctly will earn you a perfect sleek bun.

10. Braided Bun

Just like the formal bun, you will love this style, especially when made perfectly. Just to mention, it is a side braid twisted into a bun.


Finding the perfect hairdo for your hair is not simple. Despite many hairstyles suiting long hairs, making a choice can be quite daunting. Other factors that make this challenging is the ability to match your dressing and the event you are to attend. However, much you can do all this by yourself, consulting the services of an expert is important. You will certainly get better ideas and opinions on how to dress with a specific hairdo. Additionally, the expert will impart vital knowledge on how to switch from one hairdo to another easily.