In these days of evolving technology, cars and trucks are becoming safer on the road. Many of today’s car buyers are used to seeing features like side airbags, blind spot awareness technologies, and adaptive cruise control. Truckers will be happy to hear that many of these features are included in today’s trucks to make them safer while on the road.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Common in many of today’s luxury cars, adaptive cruise control helps to automatically adjust the speed of a truck during long trips. Adaptive cruise control can automatically use the brakes and accelerator to keep the truck’s speed based on upcoming traffic. These systems use radar to detect the distance that remains between upcoming cars. For truckers, this technology is great because it even allows the system to automatically apply brake pressure if necessary if a crash could potentially happen. This means that even the best truckers who occasionally might take their eyes off the road can rest assured that their vehicle will automatically make adjustments to potentially save lives.

2. Rollover Protection

Trucks are very heavy vehicles, and around sharp turns or in heavy winds trucks can sometimes trigger a rollover. These accidents can result in the destruction of merchandise and can even harm the driver. As a result, many of today’s leading truck manufacturers are incorporating automatic rollover protection systems to keep truckers safely on the ground. These systems both notified the drivers when a rollover is imminent and take automatic action to prevent a crash.

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3. Blind-Spot Awareness

To this day, truckers still suffer with issues related to the large blind spots that they experience on both sides of their vehicles and in the back. With today’s spot awareness technologies, trucks are safer by using radar and cameras to allow truckers to see nearby traffic.

4. Backing Cameras

As truckers know, backing up a truck can be a very difficult proposition. With a backing camera, truckers can more accurately and safely back up their trucks without needing to worry about hitting someone. J & J Trailer Manufacturers & Sales Inc., an industry expert, recommends that truckers look for trucks that have these features to improve safety on the road.

By searching for vehicles that have these features, truckers can be much safer on their routes. This means that both truckers and merchandise can be protected from harm, which can result in substantial savings for trucking companies.