Automobile technology is growing at astonishing rate, this has led to amazing gadget that have the potential of benefiting drivers every single day, those gadget helps in cutting down on travel time, making travel enjoyable and improving vehicle’s efficiency, for those drivers who have the desire of making the most out of their trip every time they get behind the wheel below is a list of gadget that have the potential of making this come true.

Road Angel Gem

· Road Angle Gem help drivers to dramatically reduce their chances of acquiring a speed ticket with an accurate vehicle device, its display constantly shows the road exact speed limit with different warning that a driver can use to change the speed, this device also notifies the driver the presence of a speed trap and other road hazard, it is a very useful gadget to a driver as it help him to avoid breaking traffic laws and maintain road discipline which led to few accidents.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostic

· This tool is useful to a driver as it is able to show the engine performance of a vehicle, in case of a problem with the running of the engine a driver is in a position to detect the problem before a total breakdown, it also offer basic diagnostic problems such as mileage apart from that it is one of the most affordable way of controlling many aspect of the truck or car, on plugging it a driver can pull out his smart phone and start the car and remotely lock and unlock doors, a geo fence can also be incorporated with the tool to limit the distance the vehicle should travel.

Best 5 Tech Gadgets For Drivers

Super Tooth HD

· Due to the restrictions by municipality and other government bodies on the use of phone or mobile devices while driving a super Tooth HD is now the only useful gadget for driver to use on driving to avoid breaking the law , it is a Bluetooth device that automatically connects to a designated smartphone and provides hand free options, the drive can simply use his voice to answer call ,listen to text messages, update face book, check their battery charge, send tweets without moving his hands from the steering wheel this has led to reduced accident cases and making communication efficient for the driver.

Kensington Proximo

· This is a gadget that utilizes GPS technology it is a very effective gadget for a driver to use as he can simply attach it on a bunch of keys or a bag a smartphone app can then be used to truck the item a driver can then use it to know when he has accidentally left an item in the car or store. It is thus a useful item that eliminates forgiveness.

Inrete Automatica

· Despite the fact that most modern car are made with satellite radio, USB ports for smart phone use, or a blue tooth connectivity, this however doesn’t give the driver access to their own personal library due to phone limited space, Inrete Automatically solves this problem it has a portable flash drive with 4GB storage, it has also the capacity of connecting wirelessly to one’s skydive account to update playlist and song.

Fit Aid Kit

· This is a useful driver gadget, a driver can use the kit to save lives in case of an accident or property in case of fire it is thus an important tool to have as a driver, a drive who has under gone a driving practical test is in a good position to effectively utilize those vital gadget and enjoy the drive.