Among the coolest things aboutowning a smartphone is that you get to enjoy a wide range of multimedia functions including playing mp3 music, music videos and movies. These days, many people are enjoying music videos right on their phones. However, you need to download a good video player from a great site such as to enjoy such videos. There are numerous players available in this site for your android phone but you have to be able to choose the best for you to have an amazing experience. Some of the most amazing android video players are:


3 Most Amazing Video Players For Your Android Smartphone

Mobo Video Player

This is a nice video player for your android phone since it supports most video formats without the need to convert them. It makes your work much easier since you play the video in whatever format they are without going into the lengthy and boring process of converting them. Some of the coolest features of this player are:

  • Multi-subtitle streams and multi-audio streams, continuous play and playlists
  • All formats of video support SIM plug in subtitles, MKV embedded subtitles and SRT
  • Stores videos according to type and have advanced media libraries
  • Supports swf, flv and flash video formats
  • Codec plugin
  • Video playing HD memory optimization

MX Player

This player is among the coolest android apps when itcomes to playing your movies on android. Today, smartphones have super AMOLED, high definition, and good size screens that make it easier for you to enjoy movies the same way you would in your flat screen TV. The only difference is that you need a player in your phone to be able to do so. MX Player offers you these amazing features:

  • Hardware decoding–Plenty of movies can benefit from the hardware acceleration with the new h/w+ decoder
  • Multi-core decoding–This is the first android video player have that is able to perform multi-core decoding. When experts tested this app, it displayed over 70% improvement in performance over single-core decoding.
  • Pinch to zoom–This feature allows you to zoom in and out your videos easily by simply swiping across the screen or pinching.
  • Subtitle scroll–Allows you to scroll subtitle text and adjusts playback position to match next or previous subtitle timing.
  • Kid lock–This feature allows you to lock your phone while your children are watching a movie so that they do not make calls, text or open other apps.


RockPlayer Lite

If you want a high performance app that plays almost all video formats, then this is your best choice. It offers you a fresh and exciting way to enjoy videos on your smartphone. Some of the video formats it supports include AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, WMA, ASF, MPG, WAV, OGG, VOB,DRC, FLAC, and SWF.This app saves your disk space and time to format converting or transcoding. With this player, you do not have to worry about playing any type of video you download or receive from your friends.