We are all familiar with the big brand in anti-virus and it all comes down to preference. Android has made it so much simpler for you to seek protection by means of countless apps available on the android market. But what have become of the names we love and trust? Apparently nothing; they have now moved in to the android market.

AVG is my personal favourite and has created a free and paid version, pretty much the same as their pc protection. The apps can be easily found by a simple search and has had thousands of downloads since the release. AVG is user friendly and easy to manage and has been rated as one of the best mobile security options by android themselves.

5 Anti-Virus Companies That Have Made The Move To Android

Kaspersky mobile security pro sounds promising and as my company’s favourite anti-virus I suspect that this app will do the job. This app is good for networking and social media links that can cause virus to infect your phone. The app does regular check and generally requires permission when deleting files and removing viruses. Kaspersky is very thorough when scanning for viruses and not inky scans your documents but also your apps and the connections required to use the apps.

McAfee offers a free and paid version as well, this being one of the most popular downloads from our favourite anti-virus companies. The app protects emails, apps and ensures no viruses infect your phone. The app has been given a high rating due to the performance of the app, the security it provides makes other anti-virus programs look inferior next to McAfree.

Norton mobile security made the app for people that have not purchased Norton. When you install the anti-virus on your pc you can activate the mobile protection as well, it’s as simple as plugging your phone in. this way only removes virus’ once they have infected your phone where the app prevents infection. When you purchase the app you are guaranteed protection and Norton has put their seal of approval on this app!

Avast mobile security is not on the top three choices but is still a close runner up. Avast is not as well-known as the other four but should be. It’s simple to use and is very efficient and has been given a four star rating by android users. Avast has taken all the weaknesses of the other know anti-virus programs and fixed them, they offer regular updates and stay up to date with their protection

All in all its preference; any one of the above mentioned apps can effectively secure your phone, otherwise they would not be the top five. An anti-virus is necessary as we spend most of our time on the internet and download apps from different sources. It’s easy to pick up an infection, android has ensured that you have many choices and most of them are free so you are able to download any one you like. It would be a good idea to back-up regularly and also to get some sort of antivirus. You have already read about best anti-viruses above; you can easily find a best backup guide for your Android phone on the internet.

About Author: This article has been written by Peter M. who is a passionate technology geek. He works for APKpalace that offers simple ways to deal with Android issues.