Computerworld – As allotment of its Converged Accumulator portfolio, Hewlett-Packard (HP) today appear fresh amalgamated accumulator software, Peer Motion, which enables admins to clearly move appliance workloads amid deejay systems in virtualized and billow accretion environments.

HP additionally apparent a fresh accumulator arrangement line, the P10000 3PAR Accumulator System, which is aimed at acknowledging accessible and clandestine clouds with alert the accommodation and anchorage calculation of antecedent HP products.

Peer Motion

The Peer Motioncomputer appliance allows applications and abstracts to be confused amid any HP-branded accumulator systems as able-bodied as systems from its subsidiaries: 3Par and LeftHand, according to Craig Nunes, administrator of business for HP Storage.

Similar to VMware’s vMotion software, Peer Motion allows alive clearing of abstracts on accumulator systems acknowledging basic machines with no appliance downtime.

Peer Motion is aimed at several abstracts centermost needs, Nunes said, including the acclimation of workloads area an appliance outgrows its forecasted requirements and allegation be redistributed beyond accumulator systems. Thecomputer appliance can additionally be acclimated in bringing fresh accumulator systems on band back earlier ones are retired, and for attenuate accessories of accumulator in basic environments.

Thin accessories allows applications to accept added accumulator accommodation on an as-needed base instead of the acceptable access of over-provisioning to abstain appliance downtime. As added accumulator is needed, Peer Motion automates the movement of abstracts to systems with greater capacity, Nunes said.

“As a technology, I attending at alliance agnate to virtualization. It’s a hierarchical access to accomplishing things,” Nunes said. “The aberration is that alliance is added of peer-to-peer technology and picks up area virtualization leaves off — article we anticipate will be a big accord in abstracts centers in the future.”

The P10000 arrangement family

HP additionally appear a fresh arrangement family, the P10000 line, which is powered by HP’s 3Par bearing four ASIC and comes in two models – one with two controllers, the added with up to eight controllers.

“The fresh ASICs accord us a aerial akin of achievement and acquiesce us to mix transactional workloads, like databases, with consecutive workloads, like a advancement or analytics or accommodation support,” Nunes said. “The arrangement offers abundant expandability for virtualized environments or IT-as-a-service abstracts centers with its adeptness to consolidate the deployment of basic machines aural one platform.”

The P10000 band can automatically amount antithesis compute and accumulator accommodation with a distinct abrasion click, which can accession the achievement and account akin availability of all volumes on the system, Nunes said.

The fresh ambassador additionally offers three times the achievement for attenuate accessories volumes, acceptation it speeds up the amount with which accommodation is automatically added as applications crave it.

Conversely, the processors accept additionally bargain the time it takes for the arrangement to analyze deejay accumulator accommodation not actuality acclimated by applications and accomplishment it for a about accessible basin of accommodation – article HP calls its fresh “nano affirmation engine.”

The P10000 additionally offers alien abstracts archetype that detects and eliminates bare amplitude in acceptable volumes, abbreviation arrangement and alien accommodation needs.

The P10000 3PAR Accumulator Arrangement will be accessible from HP or its approach ally on Aug. 29 with a U.S. account amount starting at $288,633. Clients beneath absolute abutment affairs for HP 3PAR F-Class and T-Class Accumulator Systems can advancement their operating environments at no added allegation to booty advantage of freshcomputer appliance capabilities.