The concept of roommates and Bangalore has a story in them. If you are ever looking at the real estate growth in Bangalore in the last two decades, you will be amazed to know that it has emerged as the face of Indian economic growth, the talking point in the global business domain. Few years back, with sub prime crisis in the US, the global real estate industry faced huge tantrums. Interestingly, the Indian economy, which is nascent to some aspect, has been path breaking in leading the engines of growth.  Call it the changing life style or the need of the day, real estate has been the poster boy for India. If you look at the available real estate locations on and the price tags for prime locations, you will definitely have an idea regarding the real estate scenario.  For example, if you want to find roommates in Bangalore using, you will see that not only is it loaded with options but also much availed of.

What Are Some Good Mobile Lifestyle Applications To Find Flatmates

Flatmates – The New Trend in PG and Rentals

Flatmate is a new concept which has become a trend in India with emerging fields in India promising varied job prospects. The moment you see two friends, deeply engrossed in their video game probably on a sunny morning in their flat on the site, you understand the importance of having a flatmate with similar mindset and understanding. Side by side it has the economic perspective as well. When you share a flat with someone, ordinarily you have more savings prior to living alone and indulging in buying a new flat. And emotional bondage! It comes as well. Whenever you are thinking of having the right kind of flatmates, you shouldn’t wait and hurry up to look on the app. The biggest advantage of using is the opportunity to chat with your probable flatmates. Suppose you are settling in Bangalore, you can simply refine your search as per your need with budget, location and other details mentioned. Thus you will see that finding roommates in Bangalore isn’t a difficult task at all, rather it happens within a short span of time.  Flatmate is the new age extension to the century old family structure of India with those ethos and ideas. Thus, is smart enough to understand and realize your needs. Thus indirectly it allows you a free messaging platform for you only, to choose the person with whom you will be compatible with.  And young professionals are ready to enter the new lease of life where they will be adjusting and compromising their moments and schedules with concerned flatmates. It is same with most of the metro cities in the world. Even in case of government officials who join their service in a new town or city, can begin their job life with a bang with a classy flatmate.


There is no denying the fact that other traditional efforts or mobile applications are not dependable enough as far as finding flatmates are concerned. To tell the truth, they are too few as well and most of them aren’t popular. The advantage of using Housing is it brilliantly solves two primary needs. Firstly to find a new flat in your destined location within desired radius of the concerned job. It takes care of the budget as well judiciously. Additionally it allows the consumer to select or prioritize his flatmate based on habits, schedules, etc. Next time you are thinking to begin you new job in Bangalore, it would be easy for you to find roommate in Bangalore.