If you are living in Australia (outside Sydney), or even if you are new to Sydney, you can choose the Sydney Tour package and enjoy your short vacation by going on the trek or hike with the team and group of people. That said, have you thought of the things that you may need to carry along with you when you are going on the Tour of Sydney? Carrying too may things will make you exhausted. So, you have to be sure that you have kept everything important and yet maintained the weight to comfort ratio. Here are some of the important things that you need to carry:

Your Checklist For Sydney Tour

  1. Clothing: If you are on day tours from Sydney, make sure that you have carried a hat along with you. Sometimes a day can come with scorching heat. You should carry Suns-cream along with you to protect exposed body parts from the sun burn. Carrying a pair of Sunglasses can help you have a good vision even in strong sunlight. Choose to wear long sleeve shirt and short pants. Long sleeve shirt protects your arm from sunburn, and the short pants help you to move smoothly. Carry a light jacket if in case you experience a chill wind. If you are going on a short or long trek, make sure that you have carried a pair of boot (hiking preferably). One of the most important things you should not miss is a wrist watch. Although, you have your mobile phones for the watch, it is always better to carry one for the trek.

  2. Daypack: Do not carry a huge backpack. This will make you carry unnecessary items and miss the fun. Choose the backpack only after you fix all the things that you are supposed to take along with you. Get a pack cover as you do not want to carry a wet backpack (in the event if it rains). This might even damage the things inside the bag. So, make sure you have a liner for the backpack.

  3. Drinks/Food: What things are to be included in the list and what shouldn’t be on this category depends on the age and the type of person you are. Do keep a bottle that stores at least 2 litres of water so that you can make your body available to at least 2 litres of drinkable water. Do not forget to carry some chocolates along with you. Dried fruits and nuts can be on your checklist as well.

  4. Others: Since you are going on a Sydney Tour you will have lots of ‘new’ friends along with you. So, you are not a lone traveller. However, you can carry a knife and even torch as your contingency plan. You never know if you need them. Carry some medicines that you might need as ‘first aid’ immediately in case of emergency.