Iran is an ancient land with glorious and great past, similar to a few other countries like China, Egypt and Greece. The mighty Persian empire was conquered half of the known world in Europe, North Africa and Near East. Iran still offers remnants of the Persian empire and they attract the attention of many people. The history of Iran is more than just about the half-ruined structures and pillars, but also the current living history. We could find the great palace of Persian kingdom, the tomb of Daniel, the clay fortress of Bam, ancient bazaars, paradisiacal gardens and many others. These are things that Iranians are proud of.

Travelling In Iran

Iran is a country with rich history and it has different factors that motivate many people to come and get personally acquainted with the place. There are stories and legends that are related to the unbelievable events. The ancient city of Tabriz was believed by some people as the Eden garden of the old era, according to some historians. Shush was originally the old city of Susa and the ancient capital of Persia. All across Iran we could find tombs, mausoleums, palaces and castles still become the iconic identity of modern Iran. Tehran is the bustling metropolis and capital of Iran. It should be visited by travellers.

However, there are not many tourism destinations in Tehran and modern structures have eroded the cultural flavour of the city. Even so, we can visit the Museum of Persian Carpets and National Museum. We can find the monument to freedom in the Azadi Square and we should also be able to get a wonderful panoramic scene of the whole city. Arabic influence can be seen in the Golestan Palace. We can visit the Central Bank to see a public exhibition of the ancient jewelleries, previously owned by various Persian shahs. There are also many beautiful parks and lakes in the city.

The old bazaar is often considered as the finest kind of entertainment in the city. In fact, the bazaar feels like a separate town, because it is very big. Many consider it as one of the largest bazaars on the planet. Travellers should also go to Bam, an old fortress city and also considered as the pearl of Iran. It is surrounded by palm trees and eucalyptus plantations. Bam is relatively small, but there are many interesting places from tourism and archaeological standpoints. Many centuries ago, Bam was one of the links in the long Silk Road, which runs to China and Europe at the other side.

The modern Bam itself is cozy and not too crowded and we can find many majestic monuments. We could go to the internal castle complex and the Arg e Bam citadel. The tomb of Mirza Naim, a famous astronomer is also located in Bam. Hamadan is the first capital of the Persian Kingdom. In Hamadan, we could find the Burj e Qurban tower, the palace of Darius, ruins on the Hakmatana hill, a Jewish mausoleum and the tomb of Avicenna.