When we start a plan with the goal of losing weight, always we think of rest properly, sleep well and not let go of the moments of relaxation. We know that stress is strongly linked to the development of overweight and obesity, but why stress fattening?

We all know that sugar and fat makes you fat, but there is another thing that could have the same effect you know what? Stress!. Find out here why stress makes us fat, and so you can fight it.

There are certain things that are logical and can easily understand: for example, we know that if we eat tons of tons of sugar will gain weight. There is another factor that has nothing to do with food but equally makes us fat; this is the stress caused by frequent negative people and let that influence our behavior.

Relationship between Body Weight and Social Relations

A study proved to investigate for 10 years, body weight and exposure to social relations are closely related. People who say they have relationships with more level of trust and mutual support were less likely to increase their level of body mass that they were surrounded by negative or toxic friends.

Why People who make you Feel Discouraged, makes you Fat

According to researchers, it is all about the stress caused by these people. Live a long time with negative people it fosters the development of maladaptive coping behaviors related to health. This means that you reach for food and a sedentary lifestyle as a means of liberation, for your spirits are low.

What can you do about it?

The diet given in this case is to surround you with positive people to cushion the effect, as having social support need not turn to food or laziness to meet the various frustrations.

If you are involved in many negative relationships, or if you think you are a person who gives others a toxic relationship, this is the perfect time to change. Surround yourself with positive people and they are a real support for you, helping others to stop being toxic, you do a favor to yourself and the people around you.

Now that you know one of the reasons why stress makes us fat not let this lead you to unburden yourself eating better channel all that negative energy to combat stress. Make more physical activities and fosters positive living and investigates more about some interesting ways to avoid stress and moodiness.