Like any other living thing, our body goes through a lot of changes during time. Age affects all of us equally, and it affects every part of our body. The changes most noticeable are always those that take place in our faces.

No one likes getting old, but it’s a natural part of our lives. No matter the type of changes and their severity through time, there are some things you can do to reduce the process, or at least slow it down a bit. We’ll go through some of the biggest changes our faces go through, and we’ll talk a bit about various methods you may try out to affect those changes, so let’s dig in.

Changes we go through

Some of the major changes we all notice are forehead expansion and retreat of the hairline, expansion of nose tips, ears growing, wrinkles across the forehead, around eyes and mouth start appearing. These are the most noticeable changes that come as a result of our body going through various processes over time.

Wrinkles appear because of the long-time use of facial muscles which end up creasing the skin. In younger days, fat in your face is evenly distributed, but as you age, it tends to go to the lower parts of the face, leaving previously filled areas to sag, while your chin gets baggy. Smoking and alcohol also have a large impact on the skin structure and they speed up its aging process.

Aging gracefully

All of these changes are unavoidable. Even if you have great genetics, aging is something that is simply set in stone. Although there are many various methods you can try, and we will come to them, you can always choose to accept those changes as the reflection of your experience.

Choosing to age gracefully and to accept the changes your body goes through comes naturally to some people, but to others, this might be a problem. Accepting your age and those changes call for a specific type of character – the one that celebrates age and appearance as they are. However, for those that have a problem with these changes, even though they probably do not have celebrity-like credit cards there are various procedures to take into consideration.

Things you can do

From very expensive plastic surgeries to very cheap and simple tricks, protecting your skin and keeping your face vital has been one of the medical focuses for quite some time now. The knowledge about facial skin structure and ways to care for it has become widely accessible, so practically everyone can choose the way to care about their own skin. You have to consider what products you put on your skin, how you expose it outdoors and how well-hydrated your body is. Although we may not keep ourselves from growing old, we can still maintain our youthful glow through a right lifestyle to avoid premature aging.

  • Creams and lotions – Different creams and ointments, as well as moisturizers, aim to temporarily hydrate the skin, remove the wrinkles and loose the tension of the facial skin. Some products remove dead skin cells and directly affect so-called – sun spots. Always check the ingredients and consult a professional before applying any product for yourself.

  • Sun protection – This is probably the cheapest and the most important thing you can do to slow down the aging process of your facial skin. Sun emits UVA and UVB light which influences the skin cells, and can even cause skin cancer. Sunlight dries the skin and makes it less resistant, so in order to keep it youthful, you should always use the proper sun protection. Using brimmed hats when the sun is high can also be helpful.

  • Eyelid procedures – Most people find eyes to be the focal point of the face. Knowing this, having bags beneath your eyes, skin sagging and similar issues may seriously affect your expression. When creams and ointments don’t help, you can start thinking about eyelid surgery procedures. With relatively easy process and very quick recovery time, this is one method to stay young.

  • Laser treatments – This method is used when dealing with pigment issues like liver spots, freckles, broken capillaries. Laser treatments are also used for full resurfacing of the facial skin. These treatments work at a deeper level of your skin, and there is some recovery time needed after such procedures, but they can really help rejuvenate your facial skin.


No matter what, you can’t stop your skin from aging, but you can slow that process down. Whether you choose to accept those changes and wear them with pride, or you would like your skin to stay forever young – the methods described in the text above can certainly make your skin healthier.