Home remodeling is a great way to update a home while adding value.  The two most important areas in a house that add most value are the bathroom and the kitchen.  How complicated can the process be? Homeowners do have to deal with major electrical and plumbing issues and this can be quite an inconvenience. There are ways to remodel works san diego room additions without busting the budget – replace cabinets, a few necessary appliances, apply a coat of paint and update hardware.

How To Remodel A Bath and Kitchen Affordably

Updating the Bathroom:

  • It is easy enough to update a bathroom – replacing cabinets is the quickest way to update the bathroom. Consider using a vintage dresser to house your sink.  This adds an elegance t the space and also offers good storage.
  • Add new towel bars – some of them are also electric which are great for quick drying.  Add hand towel bars too so that wet towels can be kept off the floor or out of the laundry basket.
  • Add a shower door to bring neatness to the room – shower curtains can be quite flimsy and have to be replaced regularly.
  • Add tiles as back splashes in a shower or around a tub not only bring color to the room but are a wonderful way to spruce up a bath.
  • Add frosted glass blocks if possible to bring light into a bathroom or a skylight. Natural light will not only help cut down on energy bills but also help to bring the outdoors in.
  • Medicine cabinets serve a dual purpose – they not only have mirrors but are also handy to tuck away items such as cosmetics and medicines.  These are very handy in small spaces.
  • Another easy way to change the look of a bathroom is to add new light fixtures – these don’t cost a lot either.
  • There are quite a few other ways to add storage to a bathroom – use baskets to store towels and toiletries.  Use towel racks to hang up scrub brushes, clothing, bathrobes etc.

Updating Kitchens

The same principles can be used to update a kitchen.  One doesn’t have to go broke updating the most important room in the house.

  • Swapping light fixtures is the easiest way to add freshness to a kitchen.  Depending on the number of lights in the room, look for something unusual and elegant.  These can be bought at reasonable prices.
  • Changing the hardware on cabinets is another easy way to change the look and feel of a space.  Keep an eye on the prices – these can add up fast if you have a lot of cabinets.
  • Buy new and useful accessories like cutting boards so that you can display your condiments and add color to your countertop.
  • If you think your cabinets look old and boring, try sanding them and painting them a different color.  There are so many matt finish paints to choose from and this is a great way to bring brighten up the room.