Obesity is a severe disease condition faced by thousands of people in and around Canada. It is estimated that one in four Canadians is obese. The severity of this disease leads to many other disease conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and even type 2 Diabetes. To control all these diseases, the obesity should be kept on track. It is not an easy task for an obese patient to lose weight. In spite of all the exercises and diet, the amount of weight lost is subtle.

These will not solve an overweight person to stay healthy and fit. The Science has grown in a massive way, and it has found many solutions to many diseases which are faced by the world today. The solution for weight loss is also out there. There are many clinics, which help in weight loss treatments in Calgary, Canada. These clinics with their excellent doctors and technology guarantee a proper result for their patients.

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What does the treatment do?

Most of the treatments here specialize in the laser treatment than the surgical methods for weight loss. The treatments mainly focus on the nutrition, healthy body compositions, healing techniques, fitness alternatives, etc. for the achievement of a healthy body and mind.

The laser treatment

The laser targets the adipose cells, and reduces the fat by inch. The treatment does not have much side effects or risks as that of traditional surgery procedures. It takes only less than 30-minutes to complete the procedure and come out with a significant effect. The procedure is painless and since it aims only the unwanted fat cells, does not cause other cells to die or get damaged. The laser affected adipose cells release fatty acids, glycerols, and water, thus reducing it size and in turn helping in weight reduction. The treatment targets mainly abdomen, thighs, arms, waist, were the fat get deposited more.

How the treatment works?

  • The laser enters the skin and reaches the targeted adipose cells
  • The laser helps in the release of triglycerides composed of fatty acids, glycerol, and water
  • These released materials are used as energy source in the body
  • The release helps the adipose cells to shrink and thus helps in inch loss

Things to be considered

The treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete. Then the extra 10 minutes is utilized for increasing the blood circulation of the body. This body vibration technique is done so that the calories are burnt fast and in a proper way. After the treatment, it is prohibited to consume ay food or drinks except for water for at least 2 hours. It is also advised to drink lots of water so that the entities released during the treatment are eliminated in a right way. The patients are also advised not to consume any food before 2hrs of the treatment.

The laser treatment is usually painless and is found to be very effective. With the required number of treatments received, the patients see a good result within a short span of time. The patients need to drink plenty of water and do the exercises to see the positive effect. The triglycerides released during the therapy, are used during the exercise to burn fats and thus reduce weight. The laser therapy is one of the best weight loss treatments in Calgary, Canada region.