Have you been spending countless hours in the gym, but not getting the results that you long for? All the cardio, exercises and diet, not helping you get there? Here’s why, to sculpt a fit physique, one has to incorporate the perfect nutritional plan along with a suitable and convenient gym routine. It is often said that the proportion is 70% diet and 30 % hard work.

In the busy corporate world that we live in now, maintaining a natural nutrition-rich diet is out of the question. In such a case the best option would be to replace our nutritional needs by a protein supplement and other essentials. Various muscle building and fat reduction proteins are available on Zigy.com. Ensuring the authenticity and quality has always been a concern when it comes to buying proteins.

Proteins are essential for the build-up of muscle, production of hormones and various immune-system components. Without appropriate protein intake your body cannot recover after physical activities like a workout and thus, leads to fatigue easily.

5 Ways Protein Supplements Help Your Gym Routine

Benefits of protein supplementation

Increase in muscle mass:

Adequate protein intake helps in the build-up of muscle tissues and also helps strengthen tendons and ligaments.  The two essential supplements required to build muscle are proteins and Amino acids. Lack of either in your diet can lead to muscle atrophy which is the break-down of muscle fibres for our energy needs.

Weight loss:

Proteins help to boost thermogenesis, which increases the amount of calories expended to digest food. A low-calorie diet with appropriate whey protein intake will help one lose weight and put on some lean muscle mass.

Stabilize blood- sugar levels:

Insulin is essential for breaking down carbohydrates and proteins into simpler components. However, carbohydrates require more insulin than fat or protein. A high-carb diet increases blood-sugar levels, whereas protein does the opposite.Consuming a high protein diet has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels and can also slow down the absorption of sugar during a meal.

Slow aging and increased longevity:

The key function of protein is the manufacture of glutathione which helps to detoxify your body and get rid of agents that cause aging. Muscle-loss due to aging can be kept at bay by sticking to a diet that has the perfect balance between amino acids and proteins.

Maintain a strong skeletal system:

Proteins help to increase calcium absorption and thus, aid in the prevention of bone weakness, helps to heal broken joints and also increase bone metabolism. Strong bones are the key to a strong physique and thus should be given utmost importance.

Note: One must remember to take the advice and instruction of a trained, experienced professional before taking any supplements.

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