Because it’s a flexible and it can be considered as a secure investment for businesses – photovoltaic systems convert solar energy into electricity. Solar panels are a simple element that require little maintenance and is the technology that adapts more easily to homes and businesses.

Advantages of Solar Energy


Investing in solar energy will get high returns. Solar energy is a profitable investment, installing a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of your businesses will get more than the profitability of many conventional financial products.

The performance you’ll get will depend on the solar radiation on your location, the aid and the current rate. For reference, an average installation says you can provide returns from 8%.

Also depending on the tax deductions and financing investment of your area you can make more profits .

Why Solar Energy For Yor Business?


The AGL Solar Energy for businesses contributes to environmental sustainability and care of the nature. Energy from the sun is clean and environmentally friendly. A solar installation made for an average business can help reduce 3.25 tons of C02 per year. The cleaning effect is equivalent to planting 200 trees and not driving 16.250km a year.

Although solar panels produce required energy, according to the IDEA, in less than 2 years a solar panel can generate as much energy as it is needed for manufacturing. So after 2 years all the generated electricity by the solar panels will be Carbon- free.

Investment in the Future

Reduces energy dependency and will generate green jobs. The price of electricity has increased by 12.2 % so far in 2011, as stated by the OCU *. If we consider the evolution of the average annual electricity bill from 2003 to the present 2011, the data shows an annual average increase of 6.9%, well above the rise in the CPI (or inflation). Using the sun’s energy you will reduce your energy dependence. When you invest in solar energy, automatically you invest in job creation and “green” businesses – Invest in your company.