With the growing popularity of smart phone and electronic book it has become difficult for people to store the complex telephone numbers in their mind. Vanity numbers gives potential customers a point of contact, which they carry back in their memory and can use it to communicate with you company. As vanity numbers are crafted with words and numbers so these numbers are quite memorable and effective. Vanity numbers are great marketing tool for increasing your brand eminence. A vanity local number offers potential customers a fast and easy way to interact with companies via telephone. With local phone numbers, customers can easily reach you with a local call. A local phone numbers usually creates a sense of being local to the targeted customers.

Vanity numbers are beneficial for all kinds of businesses and industries. Buyers become much assured about your product and services because these numbers brings credibility to your business. According to the researcher, 72 percent of highway billboards and 58 percent of magazine ads use vanity numbers for the promotion of their brands. There are many local phone numbers for sale in the market. So select an easy and memorable local phone number to establish yourself as a local business. Let’s briefly discuss about the definition and advantages of vanity numbers.

Boost Your Business With Local Phone Numbers

What is Vanity Number?

Vanity number is a perfect blend of numbers and letters that defines company name or business. These numbers can easily remember and it is great marketing strategy for promoting the brand of the company. Business firms that advertise their products on billboard, radio and television uses vanity number to promote their brands and products. With the help of call tracking functionalities companies can easily access the information of callers and examine call data and on the basis of calling pattern and we can analyze advertisements campaign results and export data into other programs.

Advantages of Vanity Numbers:

Brand Promotion:

Vanity numbers are selected according to your business nature and market trends and helps in the branding and endorsement of your business. Buyers become much assured about your product and services because these numbers brings credibility to your business.


Vanity numbers are suitable for all business corporations because it gives your business more credibility and also improves your company’s image.


If you want to relocate your business then you don’t need to change the phone number because with vanity numbers, location doesn’t matter. So if you are relocated to any other place then your customers can easily call you at the same number.


Vanity numbers are great tool for the marketing of your business. As these numbers can be easily memorized, customers can easy reach you for repeated orders, or to get more information about your services.

Improves Customer Response Rate

Vanity numbers help companies to build stronger relationship with customers in order to increase customer response ratio. These numbers also provides call tracking reports to improve business response rate.


Today every business is buying vanity phone number to get greater credibility and instant brand prominence. Some recent studies also shows that 57.6 percent of consumers remember vanity numbers over website address, the recall rate is nine times higher when ads contains these visual aids such as vanity numbers. You can easily buy local phone numbers from any company to effectively endorse your brand among targeted audiences.