Apple iPod Touch – 100 Million Sold Since 2007

As the title suggests, Apple said that the iPod touch has reached a record 100 million units sold since its first appearance on the market in late 2007. The goal was revealed by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop on the same day in which the Californian company unveiled a new iPod low-end model at350€.

Apple’s announcement is particularly interesting because the company has never disclosed a breakdown of sales between different iPod models. Quarterly financial statements of the company, in fact, emerged only that sales of the iPod touch accounted for more than half of all the products sold belonging to the line iPod ( Nano, Shuffle, Classic) .

The Big W iPod Touch is the only iPod that has the same version of the operating system iOS used in the iPhone and, probably for this reason; in 2009 it became the bestselling iPod ever, thanks to the 32 million purchased units.

iPod Touch Records

The first iPod touch was introduced on the market in September 14, 2007, following the launch of first generation iPhone that happened, instead in June 29, 2007.

Drop Ultimate Test: iPod Touch 5 with G-Form Case Falling from a Height of 30km

G-Form has always used a rather unusual drop test in order to show the remarkable ability of its protective case. This time they decided to go further and follow in the footsteps of Felix Baumgartner, with a record-breaking launch that brought a fifth-generation iPod Touch to as many as 30 km altitude .

The G-Form case in question was that of the iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5 in adapting perfect as the extreme movie wants to show. The land of departure is always the Nevada desert theater of the Red Bull Stratus , with a small balloon filled with helium dating from the atmosphere up to its limit of over 30 km , all taken from a camera which , unfortunately, in about 18 km in height stopped working because of the intense cold .

The drop test has nothing to do with real life, a pure exercise in style to G-Form who knows how to attract the attention of Apple consumers, always careful to protect their devices from accidental falls. The case, needless to say,was kept in perfect condition.

• Flight distance: 41 miles from launch landed

• Launch site: Near Area 51 in Nevada Desert

• Maximum height: Over 100,000 feet

• Endured temperatures: -60 degrees

• Retrieval: Used GPS tracking device and helicopter

• Time from Launch to Landing: 1hour and 45 minutes