Travelling to Europe with a guitar on almost all airlines was not allowed a couple of years ago. However, this was a problem until only now because, thankfully for the traveling musicians, recently the bill has been passed in their favor; allowing them to travel with their favorite music instrument, their Breedlove guitars or the best quality customized tonewood guitars. Now a traveling musician especially those who travel a lot for their music related work can travel without any worries. The significance of this development is so much, not only because it’s positive but because if we look at it from a travelling musicians point of view, then it’s just not possible for them to buy such expensive guitars every time they visit a new place.  For example varieties like Breedlove guitars and tonewood guitars are the varieties to keep for a long time if taken care properly.

However, still the ride may not be too smooth with the co-passengers always looking for space around them or on the overhead racks, but hopefully, this official allowance will restrict them from giving you the “look” so you may be able to travel stress-free. With all this “travelling with your guitar” talk, the most important thing to discuss would be how to travel with one. Let us give you some tips for that matter.

Seven tips you must know about flying with guitar:

  1. Loosen up the strings of your guitar:

Pressure and Temperature changes on your flight can put a lot of strain on your guitar to break the flawlessly angled mahogany shank— unless of course if your strings are already loose and ready to go.

  1. Stuff it up!

Guitars are delicate instruments. Especially travellers must know this and a lot of them don’t. It’s not a bad idea to provide your guitar with some good extra support by padding through stuffing some t-shirts, socks or towels into the empty spaces of in guitar case. The purpose of this would be to minimize the activity within your guitar case to avoid any breakage.

  1. Know the airlines by which you will be travelling:

Check online or from their office about the rules, regulations and policies for travelling with music instruments personally before you book your flight.

  1. Find a travel guitar and get it.

Travel guitars are not rare to find. And now with all that travelling it’s very important for your band!

  1. Ship it!

Yes, if flying with a guitar is not an option for you or for some reason you’re avoiding it then just ship it! We know it might not be the best option but trust us it’s not bad in such situations. Especially if it’s packed and shipped properly this shouldn’t be a problem!

  1. Invest in a good case.

Yes, travelling or not, you need a good guitar case to keep your expensive and loved guitar in a good shape. But while travelling it’s probably your guitars only best friend, protecting it from all odds.

  1. When travelling with a guitar stay patient and calm.

Be prepared for nosy and complaining passengers on your way but the best solution is to keep your calm and reach your destination.

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