Few years ago, mobile industry was ruled unanimously ruled by iOS. When iOS was tearing down the marketing space by winning the hearts of users worldwide, the cost offered for the devices was a state of botheration for the users.

But, it didn’t last long as Google with its meticulous plan came up with a perfect mobile platform named Android. However, it has been believed that Android OS has got the perfect ecosystem compared to other operating systems.

Android often comes up with some solid updates which have played a crucial role in the success of this popular platform. With said that, I’ve planned to pen down top 5 Android app updates which can help users reading this post.

Adsense V2.0:

One of the most popular apps for Android users. This app can be used for monetization purposes as it can help customers track and analyze Google Adsense without any issues. Some top features of this application include page views, clicks, CPC, CTR, RPM, detailed charts, additional reports, enhanced UI and layouts.

Android Application Development: Top 10 Updates Of The Week

Imgur V1.3.0:

With this app making the images go viral by sharing them via mobile devices becomes quite simple. In short, any viral picture can be shared via your mobile using this app effectively. This version of this app includes top features like layout of table, top bar and side drawer, help your cached images refrain from displaying in gallery.

Google Play Music:

This app is exclusively designed for music lovers across different parts of the world. The only drawback associated with this app was the users weren’t able to shuffle and play songs. However with this new version, it is possible to shuffle all songs, easily share songs, SD card support in offline, etc.

Action Launcher Pro V2.0:

Action Launcher Pro is a popular Professional Android Application Development which improves the user experience. A few features this application carries is swip access, using icon packages, modifying icon scale, modifying individual icons, covering apps from quick drawer, etc.

Google Play Movies:

Using this Android application users can relish high-definition movies and videos downloaded in HD or SD. A few other features this application carries are enhanced video streaming, furthered bug fixes, etc.

Showtime Anytime V2.1.1:

Excellent app with neat performance and usability. Some additional features of this app include support for Time Warner cable, bright house networks, longer sessions, fixing bugs.

Bing V

Best app to offer users with amazing search engine results. The features of the latest version includes revamped UI, new features, daily image on Android wallpaper, zoom facilities, etc.

Reddit Sync:

The popular social platform can be unleashed from your smartphones easily. The new version of this popular application is cards UI, multi-user support, sidebar navigation, etc.


Fantastic application to learn new languages for free. This app is compatible with all kinds of devices as well. This app poses complete new look, amazing screens, decreased size from 15 to 5 MB.


Entertaining application with splendid features. Even this app has the compatibility with all devices. The new version of this app includes new sections with massive downloads, ringtone preview while downloading, enhanced UI, etc.

The top 10 updates mentioned above are the most recent application updates. I know that these are not the only application updates that the entire Android world is looking for.

With Android peaking out and the popularity of applications becoming sky high, it becomes crucial to learn about the latest versions of some top-notch applications. With said that I believe this version updates I’ve provided here will be beneficial for readers and users of Android.