Color is a unique perception especially when it comes to what you are to wear on Valentine’s Day. This is a predicament that many ladies face especially when selecting the best dress. It is mainly because of the elements being looked for in a perfect dress including the color and whether it complements ones skin tone or not. It is important to look for the best of the dresses and the color code that one desires. Remember, on valentine, every color has a meaning attached to it and selecting one that will ensure a memorable experience is difficult. Here are some of the color dresses that should be worn on valentine to symbolize its meaning and to match with the mood.

What Color Dresses Are Best Suited For Valentine's Day


Red is said to be the color of love and many people tend to wear red Valentine’s Day outfits to mark the day. Red outfits range from summer dresses, to gowns to perfectly designed official wear, which can be paired with other accessories to match the day. It is important to define your day and know what will fit where. For example, if going out during the night on a date or to an event, you can wear a flowing gown that seamlessly flows to the floor, with a bear back or straps etc. If going to the office during the day, you can put on an amazing office dress or well designed outfit and if spending the day out, a summer dress is the most appropriate for the occasion.

Shades Red

The color red has many different variations and it is up to you to select the color that is suited for your valentine day. However, the varieties of colors presented for your selection tend to be quite many resulting in confusion. However, the different variations also offer a choice and you can select one that complements and adds flavor to that look. Knowing your personality and what you want this valentine day will go far in assisting you select the right shade of a red dress to purchase. Whether it is a brightly colored dress or a dull colored dress, so long as it complements and supplements your beauty, it is then perfect for the occasion.


Sometimes, red does not complement your skin tone and the brighter it is the more you feel out of line with the dress color selected. It does not matter that you haven’t worn a red dress, a maroon dress might just be what you need to have a wonderful time this valentine. This is mainly for those who do not like red dresses or bright red dresses. As a substitute, you can also wear a dark red dress similar to non-oxygenated blood or almost similar to maroon. This definitely means that you as a person are not limited to wearing a red dress. You can wear a maroon dress, which is also a perfect color for any Valentine’s Day outfits.

Maroon Shades

Each step taken towards welcoming Valentine’s Day, many more outfits including dresses are being designed. Similar to the shades of the red color available in the market, so are shades of the maroon color that sometimes pass as red. The issue is to ensure that you don’t lose meaning of this specific day and pairing the outfit with ones personality may sometimes require a shade of maroon and not red. Furthermore, the heart wants what the heart wants and if one is smitten with a maroon or one of its shades, then it is the perfect outfit for them. This is because whatever outfit one selects tends to be one that is designed to bring out their inner beauty resulting in a breathtaking appearance once worn. If you haven’t gotten a red dress for Valentine’s day, don’t lose hope. Get a maroon or a maroon shade and you regret it.

Floral Patterns on a Red or Maroon Dress

Plain color dresses are a classic. However, many people prefer to add a swagger or to break the red color monotony by adding floral patterns or designing the Valentine’s Day outfits in specific designs or as directed by the wearer. This is perfect as it brings in variety in references to day and the fashion represented is one to die for and select for the next valentine day. So, red or maroon colored outfits with different patterns added to them are perfect for the day.


Selecting the perfect outfit is mostly not a problem or challenge for many. The challenge is selecting the perfect color, one that does not draw too much attention, as you want to keep the date between you and your partner or family.