So you’ve grown out your beard and finally decided that it’s time you stopped looking like a caveman. The problem is, you don’t know how to trim your beard properly. How should you do it? You want to give it a try without regretting it in the end and still keep a major part of your beard intact (and groomed). Here are some tips for all you first timers who’ve grown a beard but have no idea at all how to trim it.

Most Essential Tips On How To Trim Your Beard Properly

Defining Your Neckline

A scruffy beard with an undefined neck line can ruin the look of your beard. Having a well-defined neck line will make it look neat and tidy. First you have to get the most popular electric shaver for men to define your neckline and cheek line properly. Here’s how you can define and design your neck line.
1. Don’t make your neck line too high. Men who trim their beards often make the mistake of trimming it far too high, either at the edge of their jaw or the bottom of their face. This makes the beard look like its “too small” for you or pasted on your face.
2. Visualize a line going down the back of your earlobes, curving under your neck, under your jaw and going back up to the other earlobe.
3. Next, visualize a line going down the back of your sideburns. Extend it downwards until it intersects with the earlobe-to-earlobe line you visualized earlier.
4. Round off the corner of this intersection until you achieve a smooth corner to your liking. You can even extend this intersection back to a little below the ear a bit.
5. Carefully trim the beard that grows outside of this area you’ve defined as your neck line. Use scissors, a beard clipper or trimmer to do this, taking care not to go over your defined line. Do the same on the other side of your face, trying to keep both sides even.

These guidelines are only meant to help you in defining and designing your beard’s neck line. You may do the necessary adjustments you want in order to attain the look that you desire. The idea is to create a look that’s clean and smooth and to avoid the common mistake of shaving your neck line too high.

Defining Your Cheek line

Your cheek line is another area that may or may not require trimming when it comes to getting a full beard. A natural one can work well for some men, giving them a softer, more natural look. However, like the neck line, a neat, clearly defined cheek line will often give your beard more appeal and character. When trimming your cheek line, here’s a simple guide you can follow.
1. Let your cheek line grow naturally. Before you can trim your cheek line, you have to let it grow first to its full glory. Once you see your cheek line’s full potential, then you can decide how to define it or just let it go natural.
2. If you do decide to trim your cheek line, visualize a line from your sideburn to your mustache. Select a point A in front of your sideburn where your cheek line naturally begins. Next, select point B where your natural cheek line ends and your mustache begins. Ideally, this line from point A to point B should be as high as possible, with the area below the line filled with beard growth.
3. Round off the corner where your sideburns and cheek line meet. If you use electric shaver then you can use it for this purpose. Instantgrooming recommends Braun series 7 790cc is the best for this as it has a pop up & built in trimmer too for defining your cheek line.
4. Carefully trim the beard outside the cheek line you’ve designed. You can use scissors, a beard clipper or trimmer to do this. Do this also with the other side of your cheek.
Again, these are just some guidelines to defining and designing your cheek line. If you do decide that a natural cheek line looks better on you, then you can simply just let your beard grow again until you get the look you desire.

Additional Tips for the Bearded Guy

Now here are some more tips on how to shave or trim your beard properly.
• When trimming your beard, make sure that you always have a straight, sharp razor handy.
• When trimming or shaving, always go along the direction of your hair’s growth. This prevents pulling and tugging that may lead to skin irritation.
• Take your time and don’t rush your trimming or shaving. A shaving or trimming mistake can be hard to rectify especially if you’ve cut or shaved off more than you intended, so take your time and be careful.
• Also, it helps if you use a warm towel on your face before shaving or trimming, so that your pores open up and make shaving or trimming easier. When you’re done, rinse your face with cold water or use a cold towel to close back the pores. This will help prevent ingrown hairs, redness and irritation.

With all these handy tips and guidelines to help you in shaving and trimming your beard, maintaining your beard should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Knowing the basics on how to trim your beard not only gives you the satisfaction of being able to maintain your own style, it will also save you some bucks that you would have paid to have a barber do the trimming for you.

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