The modern fashion industry and the creative designers have brought revolutionary changes in Indian ethnic wear. With unique designs, creative patterns and appealing embroideries, they have made an outfit like saree a ‘cool’ fashion for the younger generation. Saree once was just an outfit choice for married ladies but today it is loved and appreciated by women all across the world. Not just the elegant drape, but the glamorous look that the wearers get makes saree a great fashion outfit for the modern generation.

Whenever you start shopping of saree, the first question is which fabric to choose. Choosing the right fabric when buying saree has a huge impact on your appearance. For instance, matka silk saree is a good option for slim girls who want to add volume to their figure while lightweight chiffon and georgette sarees are good for heavy figures. Further, a variety regional and trendy fabric options make it more confusing to choose the right material. However, by paying attention to a few important factors, you can make online matka silk sarees or any other saree shopping more enjoyable and hassle free.

How To Choose Right Saree Fabric And Drape Style?

Selection of Right Fabric

No matter for which occasion you are buying sarees, the ultimate goal is to look fab. For this everyone looks for an outfit that brings out the inner beauty and flatters their body. With sarees, you cannot just look at the design and color; the fabric is of utmost importance when it comes to saree shopping. Sheer modern fabrics like chiffon, net, and georgette in darker shades make a great option for tall and thin women while curvier women can buy more translucent fabrics like silk, Chanderi, Matka silk etc. If you are still confused, just buy a silk saree as this fabric looks great on every figure.

Apart from your figure, you also look at the weather and the occasion while picking saree fabric. For instance, a thinner Kota silk saree makes a good option for a daytime occasion in summers while heavy Kanchipuram silk saree is a great choice for winter weddings. If you like to wear sarees in office, you should opt for Matka silk saree shopping as these earthy and coarse looking sarees give you a wonderful formal look.

Right Drape for a Perfect Look

India is a country of different culture. Not just the outfits and languages, but the style of wearing the same clothes also differs with every region. Same is the case with saree; the same ethnic wear is worn in multiple ways in India. In Gujarat, the pallu of the saree is pleated in the front while in Bengal it is draped in a back to front style. In North India, saree is worn in the simplest way with an open pallu. Further, variation in saree draping style also depends on the fabric. Georgette is one of the fabrics you can experiment with for multiple saree draping styles.

For heavy figures like Vidya Balan, silk sarees with the classic over the shoulder or over the arm drape is the best choice. This draping style is also a good option for thin Matka silk sarees as it allows you to flaunt the elaborate design on pallu. You can also pin up this saree for a neat and graceful professional look.

Saree is a versatile garment that can make you look both simple and bold. So start online shopping of designer sarees from stores like Aavaranaa to get more options and play around with different drapes to create your own style. The store offers a wide range of designer, regional and trendy sarees for every occasion. Further, the user-friendly interface of the site makes saree shopping a fun.