Have you ever wondered that, if any of your friend is an artistic, then they do not leave the walls in their place empty. Even if you do not have such a friend, just check out the walls in any Tv show or movie based on the present day scenario. You will find various posters and images that are not that easily available in the market. They are custom designed wall prints that helps the character portray about their life and desires.

Most of the pessimistic people will comment, that these movies and Tv shows have a brigade of artists and set designers to get the things in order. But they are also mere humans, and here you don’t have to be artistic about anyone else. You just have to portray yourself, what you like, admire or anything that you relate with. You can also have a collage of your memories printed and hanged on the wall.

Well, if you think this is some rocket science then just read thoroughly and let your perception be shattered. Well, this article is all about getting your own personalized name art print for your place.

The Secret Behind Personalized Name Prints

Suppose your name starts with the letter “A” like Alice or Adam, then you can get a name art picture from anywhere in your surrounding. My native place has a lot of trees and greenery so, what I did was, while strolling in the park one lazy morning I clicked a picture of some twigs to project an impression that they make the alphabet “A.” What you have to keep in mind while taking the picture is about the lighting. This is a picture clicked by my phone, what I made sure was there was sun’s complete backlighting. This made the twig appear black, and the contrast helps me get the perfect picture.

The Secret Behind Personalized Name Prints
Whatever be the initial letter of your name, you can get a personalized and customized name print pictures for your wall. Let’s take the example of my best friend Mark, the initial letter of his name is “M” and he is from Minnesota. It is a small town near the Canadian border that receives a lot of snow. So, while we were sitting on a bench in the central park, Mark came across a melting icicle on the branch of a tree. So, we just clicked the picture as shown above.

Mother nature has provided us with a lot of beautiful things despite we being indifferent towards her need. Like I said before there are a lot of places from where you can get personalized name art print images to decorate your wall. All you need to do is open your eyes and explore your options, and still you fail to get the perfect print just visit Google or personal prints to get a customized personal name print for your home.  If you are able to view the letter photo or your surrounding from a different angle, then you too can create your own name art picture with ease.