In this age of interconnectivity, video sharing and uploading has become the lifeline of any interactions. Be it for official purpose or demonstration or just idea sharing, video media has gone viral. Keeping in view of this trend Microsoft has launched a dedicated domain portal just for taking care of this segment. Video broadcasting has never been so emphasized in any office package before. Thanks to ever changing ways of how we do business, video sharing has earned its top position in very little time period.

The main logic behind launching a dedicated Cloud Office or portal for video broadcasting has been to create a segment of similar activities which can be accessed through other users across an organization. Microsoft has used SharePoint online feature to create video broadcasting in its office 365. Whether be it for meeting, learning videos, snapshot an interview or presentations, this inclusion is a much sought after feature in office 365.

Features of Video Broadcasting in Office 365

  • Uploading Videos – One of the features is easy video uploading from anywhere to this portal.
  • Watching video – Watching videos is another privilege among the easy options to choose from. Videos are hoisted through thumbnails over a file location which can be accessed through channels or permissions across enterprise.
  • Sharing videos – Another option to choose from is the sharing videos among peers and departments and all through embedding links across outlook or through feeds.
  • Appending Video – You will have all the permissions and privilege to edit your videos when and how you want.
  • Management of Video – Video Management is important when we have different videos for varied time and occasions. Some videos are created for certain purposes in mind, so it becomes a necessity to create and manage them for a desired audience.
  • Using channels – Channel creation is a advance feature where owners can streamline videos through different channels and department
  • Easy trending – Video broadcasting has been made easy for managing and browsing different channels at the click of a button.

Benefits and Advantage of Office 365 Video

  • An easy design– The easy to use, user friendly and beautiful navigation and browsing makes it a popular feature of office 365 video. A design which can be managed by a layman is always a trait of good product. With intelligent design and robust options for exploring this site makes it more popular among users.
  • Simplicity– The simple approach to the concept of uploading videos and managing them makes it even easier for people to take advantage of its user friendly options in managing videos and contents.
  • Discoverability– It is important in the designing of any product that its layout helps in exploring the contents with greater ease and in lesser time.
  • Mobile-Mobility interface is very important as the younger generation is always connected through mobile phones and tablets. It is important to provide similar compatibility for all the outlets be it tablets or desktops.
  • Security– Another sought after feature of office 365 is its strong and impenetrable security through Microsoft credentials and certifications making safety a non issue.
  • Cheaper plans– Cheaper plans make office 365 video viewing a treat to customers at no extra cost. Select your own plans at Office 365 Plans

Why Office 365 Video is a Success

This is the age of dashboards and blogs and video tagging. Microsoft had long plans for integrating its services under certain segments and office 365 is one such fruitation of that plan. Office 365 video has delivered a much needed service in its video segment. All Microsoft is focusing to create  is integrating related platforms under  one product which not only helps the customer to do more , but helps in overall efficiency in how we do business. Not only video, Microsoft is foraying into other segments of services and the opportunities are abound.  The overall offerings of Office 365 package may include SharePoint online, web conferencing, exchange online, skype for business and more.  Know more on Skype for Business Price or other Cloud Office 365 services.  Any recent offerings have to be easy to use, social, mobile and highly intelligent. And office 365 video is one such example.