Customer relationship management or CRM empowers business owners and managers in ways that they can handle various types of operational challenges. Your CRM system can be the key tool for your business to identify and address client attrition, sales decline, or any mismatch between your targets and achievements. At the same time it helps you identify opportunities and strategize to make the most of them. The Office 365 Trial gives you access to CRM system that provides you high level of visibility across your client base. You are able to assess the strategies required for long-term profitability and create improved plans.

Empower Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Benefits Of Office 365 And Dynamics CRM For Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will equip your employees with familiar tools to energize and improve your costumer engagement like you never imagined before. When combined with anytime, anywhere collaborative features of Office 365 and the real-time, visual insights from Power BI, your team will start working at an entirely new level.

Stronger & Better Customer Engagement

Dynamics CRM available at gives you familiar apps, platforms and tools customized to your market and business size. You will have happier customers who will ensure that your business grows faster. The Microsoft-cloud based CRM ensures that your business aces access to your marketing, sales and customer care employees anywhere and anytime for delivering personal experiences across all interactions.

Effective & Smart CRM for Increased Profitability

The Office 365 Dynamics CRM has become popular for enabling positive customer experience, which is crucial in today’s competitive environment for winning and retaining customers. You can market more effectively where it matters and sell with more productive. It helps in reducing costs and boosting profitability by helping organize and automate your customer relationship and satisfaction processes across customer service, sales and marketing.

  • Personalized Experiences – It helps ensure that your business starts interacting with your customers at the right time and at the right place – and most importantly in the right way to leave optimal impressions. You will be able to interact with your customers based on informed insights.
  • Reduced Costs, Increased Profitability – It covers all the crucial aspects of your business such marketing, services, sales, and customer relations. Your business processes will be automated to achieve highest customer satisfaction. The result is that you will experience significant improvements in your customer relationships.
  • High ROI – It can help you achieve high ROI though customer service, and marketing and sales force automation. Dynamics CRM also has tools and apps integrating data and reporting from different sources.
  • From Better to Smarter Marketing – It also offers many new features including visual campaign designer that lets marketers design highly focused and effective marketing campaigns which are easy-to-run and highly intuitive.
  • Get Social Insights – It provides you complete suite of software along with product integration for Office 365 and Power BI. You can also integrate it with Skype, Lync, Yammer and various social conferencing tools which your customers are using.

Why Buy from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP

There are many reasons for buying Dynamics CRM from a Tier 1 Microsoft-certified Office 365 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). You can also purchase it directly from Microsoft for the same pricing but you will not be able to get effective end-user support. As an end-user you will not be able to directly approach Microsoft if you have issues. Additionally, the level of phone support provided is also restricted to a few select issues which are part of the Microsoft official critical issues list.

When you buy cloud-based Office 365 solutions from Apps4Rent, you will be getting total end-user support and service. You will get complete assistance at all stages, both during migration and post-migration. There is 24×7 end-user support service, available via phone calls, emails and live chats. You can have any kind of issue after migration and you can instantly call or live chat with the Apps4Rent customer support.