Did you know that Youtube is one of the largest search engines out there? And while 41% of US small businesses used Facebook for promotion, only 9% use Youtube. Can you see the missed opportunities for free marketing? So how do you use Youtube to market your business effectively?

Read below for tips on how to increase your Youtube viewers and engagement.

How To Use YouTube To Increase Business

Increase your Subscribers, Viewers and Engagement

So the overall objective is to increase your viewers and subscribers. This way your marketing videos have a larger market. There are 2 approaches to increase your viewers and subscribers. The first way is the quickest way and that is to buy Youtube views and subscribers. This will straight away give you a bit of social proof and make you look more credible. However this is just a short-term solution and these viewers will most likely not end up as customers. I would only suggest doing this at the beginning when you are just starting out. The other way is to slowly build your network. This is the more organic way and will turn out better in the long run. However it takes a lot of work and is a slow process. This method requires you to create good quality content that is engaging enough that people want to subscribe to your channel.

While many people are against the idea of buying Youtube views and other social media services. Many businesses find that this is the only way to increase their social media credibility. For instance, if you were to go to an adult store to purchase a Hitachi magic wand you probably won’t be advertising it on social media. All of your friends probably have the incredibly popular Hitachi magic wand and I bet you never knew about it! Therefore businesses selling toys such as the Hitachi magic wand find it hard to get social media publicity. That also applies to family friendly toy shops in Brisbane too or other family friendly shops in Brisbane like florists or airport parking businesses.

This service is very popular and you can buy Youtube views in the UK, as well as other countries. Some websites even sell “country targeted” views for a higher cost. I would just keep to the basic to this one however since these views are not genuinely interested customers. They only serve as social proof in the short term.

Market Research

Find out who your target market is. Put yourself into their shoes and really understand what they are looking for. Are you selling a product or a service? Do you have an airport parking in Melbourne? Or maybe you are a florist or you own a toy shop in Brisbane? Services usually are needed to fix a problem. Find out your customer’s problem and find a solution. When you understand your customers, you can make content that is more appealing to them. If you are constantly providing relevant information then people are more likely to subscribe to your channel. Helping your market grow.

Update your channel regularly

Whether you are trying to advertise your toy shop in Brisbane or other special toys like the Hitachi magic wand in Australia, here is the golden rule: Don’t go stale. By updating your channel regularly you give reasons for your viewers to continually come back. Most people socialize within their own interest group. So if you provide information that they find useful. Chances are they will share it with their friends.

How To Use YouTube To Increase Business

Connect your Youtube channel to Facebook

Statistics show that Facebook videos get more views and clicks. The easiest way to utilize both platforms is to link them. Make sure you add a ‘call to action’ to get people to see your other videos. They say that after seeing your brand 7 times people are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Make your Videos Short and Sweet

People now have the attention span of less than 8 seconds. Even less than a goldfish. Pretty bad yeah? That’s why it is important to keep your videos short and sweet. People want to get to the point straight away and see if it is relevant to them. In marketing there is something called the ‘5 second rule’. Does your target market know what you’re selling them within 5 seconds? After this time, if they don’t find it relevant then their brain with shut off.

These are just a few suggestions. There are many more ways to use Youtube to increase your business. The most important thing to remember is to find out how to increase your Youtube views and subscribers and how to engage them.