Link building is one of those SEO techniques that will never die out. Google once stated that link building was part of its search algorithm. No one knows the algorithm; you can only guess based on the data that is generated by a website. It is a case of trial and error kind of testing. If there is a technique that is guaranteed to bring good results to your SEO ranking, then it must be link building.

The more the links you have to your site, the better your ranking is going to be on the search engines. It is easy to rank well on Google if you have a good link profile on your site. However, terms and conditions apply. A few decades ago when Google was just starting out, it would have been okay to have links with just any website. The quantity of links was the most important thing. This is no longer the case.

When you want to start your link building tasks, you should bring an SEO expert on board to help you out. There is a lot to link building nowadays. For starters, you have to ensure that you have the best quality of links. You do not go linking to just any website. There are those links that your site has to spam sites. These are the ones that are going to damage your SEO efforts.

The logic behind this is the same as the proverbial birds of a feather flocking together. Therefore, if your site has links to some low-quality websites, then you can be sure that you are going to perform in the same way as they do. It is a really tricky affair by the way.

There are times you will find yourself with links to ‘funny’ websites and you have no idea how they go there. As such, it is part of your job to keep cleaning up your link profile. Remove those spam sites and other low-quality websites. You should also avoid the ‘reciprocated linking’ habit where you ask your friends to link to your site and then you link back to them. Google is going to notice. Always work with a professional in SEO for the best returns in link building.

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