Electronic devices are everywhere around us, but are they easy to make? You can only answer this question if you’ve tried to do at least one project. It takes a company to create one original device. Promwad’s design team became aware of it when it took a large number of experts to create a multi-purpose measuring platform based on modern processors in 2001.However it wasn’t about hiring a bunch of professionals, but rather putting together a well-coordinated team of engineers specializing in various fields. The project was completed, but it also led to the idea that a special business should be set upto handle such problems at the systemic level. Thus, in 2004, the Promwad Innovation Company was born, which now employs about a hundred people.

Promwad Design House: Company History

Promwad’s Growth

In 2005-2006,Promwad worked actively on the Russian market, its core competence lying at the junction of systems-on-chip and Linux. In 2007,the company began to work in application design, mostly in multimedia projects. Promwad’s biggest customers at the time were companies from Europe and Canada. This stage in Promwad’s history became central to the company’s development.Promwadsuccessfully completed projects, which included not only such tasks as custom electronics development, but also production support and launch. Batch production was based mainly in Taiwan, while new products were certified in Europe and Canada.

The global financial crisis came as quite a severe blow to European and North American businesses. However, in late 2008, there was a new interest in Russia’s electronics and investors began to invest in high-tech projects. Products such as digital television set-top boxes were especially popular. Promwad’s developments were such a success that one of the largest Russian operators selected the company’s device to promote their services across Russia.

Breaking into the Automation Industry

Since its foundation, Promwad’s interests have always included embedded systems development for the automation industry. However, the demand for this service in the industry in our country did not appear until 2011-2012. Surprisingly, Promwad was actually eight years ahead of the market, so the design house was ready to implement major projects as early as 2012.

About the Company

Promwad is a mature company at the electronics and IT market providing a wide range of services in professional electronics development. The company is a resident of the High Technology Park (HTP).


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