In 2017 we’ll be seeing a lot of upgrades to the traditional plated multi-course meal for your wedding reception. We’ve already seen some nontraditional and informal receptions last year, from big feasts that everyone can dig into to exciting fusion cuisines. With this year’s wedding catering food trends, it’s all about relaxing the rules and reflecting your lifestyle.

Wedding Catering Food Trends For 2017

#1 Time to DIY 

Get people moving around and interacting with each other by setting up food bars and stations around your reception venue. Working on designing and fixing up their own food can also be fun for your guests.

Stations that are getting trendier this year, aside from the staple salad bar, are DIY taco bars and mimosa bars.

You can also add additional flavor and excitement to your wedding reception by having sampling stations. These food stations can showcase a bit of Indian cuisine or Italian fare. Likewise, you can have a drink station offering both bubbly champagne and hot chocolate.

#2 Go Organic

The trend to be healthy and fit is also invading 2017’s wedding reception food trends. Since going green will become even more popular than ever before, you’ll find catering options that promise to fulfill the farm-to-table philosophy. Some weddings can even go for an all vegetarian course.

For your reception to have that healthy and organic meals, you can serve up organic salads, poke bowls and organically-sourced meat dishes.

#3 Alternative Wedding Cakes

2017 will see even more alternative wedding cakes. These talk-worthy and memorable centerpieces are great for those who don’t like cakes to begin with, or for those who want something a little more fun.

You can arrange anything, from burgers to donuts to cupcakes, into a tier and call it cake. Or you can have a cake baked with themed designs and flavors, like bacon or matcha.

#4 Late-night Party Snacks

For those with extra budget to spare, offering late-night snack options or midnight snacks is becoming a popular wedding reception idea. After hours of dancing and intermingling, that reception dinner may not be enough for your guests.

Offer cute and light snacks such as mini donuts, coffee, milk shots and cookies to get them going through the late hours of your reception.

#5 Themed Fun

While traditional themes like a spring garden wedding would still be popular this 2017, more and more weddings are having an extra bit of fun with their theme. You can have a wedding that’s all about the roaring 20s, and you’ll have a menu that’s era-friendly and glamorous. If your wedding theme is all about the fun in a carnival, you can serve up sweets like cotton candy.

Others curate their food around something as random as bacon or chocolate (you’ll find everything from a bacon cake to chocolate pasta). You can also serve up the favorite foods of the bride and groom, like those breakfast waffles they used to eat when they were still dating.

Ready to make your choices? Your friendly neighborhood wedding caterer has got you covered!

Ryan Davis is the owner of Argyle Catering the best company for catering Jefferson City, MO has to offer.