The concept of smoking cigars has earned its popularity centuries back, when it was branded as an insignia of aristocratic and bureaucratic people, who smoked them infrequently. The fame of cigars grew overtime, followed by the establishment of cigar producing industries that manufactured cigars and marketed them relatively at a cheaper rate – which resulted in the commencement of the trend of smoking cigars among cosmopolitans, who wanted to shift their smoking choice from the mainstream cigarettes. One of the finest cigars that people stumble upon is Acid by Drew Estate. Manufactured with assiduous care, this cigar offers you the most beautiful subtle flavor you can dream of. Before proceeding about the quality and details, let us know about the cigar!

Puff-Puff And Pass The Unique Cigars

The Cigar that Tastes the Best

Without any vacillation, Acid cigar can be voted to the best cigar available in the market, which comes at an affordable price. The cigar is manufactured with the finest available natural tobacco, infused with various aromatic essences that provide a unique sensation of taste, in every smoke you take. With such versatility of flavored sensation, this cigar has been an iconic launch in the market – endorsed with the tagline “the rebirth of cigars”.

Acid cigar are composed with the premium, long leafed Nicaraguan tobacco, which are carefully selected, and finely minced down into minuscule particles, which are later infused with aromatic herbs and essential oils, that provides the delightful odor, that you can taste with each puff. This cigar has earned reputed appreciation from aficionados as well as the amateurs, who craved for something exclusive to try on.

The Market Uprising for Acid Cigar

The company of Acid Sugar was established by Johnathan Drew, who wanted to transform the style of smoking cigars, making the cosmopolitans indulge into the lavish style of living. However, the secret herbs were the elements that created a path for their company to skyrocket, and upheld themselves to the leading producer of the finest quality of cigars in the market. Today, their businesses have interspersed all over the country, as well as are available in the digital market, which the interested people can purchase at the exchange of plastic cash.

Feel the Taste as you go

One of the finest features of Acid cigar is its impeccable distinctive construction – the flawless structure, without any soft spots. As a person lights it up, there is burst of flavor of minty cherry which is an absolute sensation for the mouth. The first flavors are typically very sweet, mixed with a leathery tinge, or sour grape and subtle barley taste. Although the real flavor is holocaust at the beginning, but as you smoke a few puffs, the real taste comes. The smoke is perfectly smooth; however, you’ve to smoke it continuously to keep the flame ignited. The cigar burns consistently, without any inundations, with a perfect flow of aromatic flavors all throughout.

Acid by Drew Estate is the finest example that quality products are still available for cigars, which marks the distinctive taste and creates an aristocratic feeling, without compromising the taste and aroma.