With the increasing tendency of ladies wanting to look gorgeous, the makeup kit has become a basic necessity for the ladies. It is quite fundamental, to an extent that the way you manage it contributes to your overall look as well. Thus, you need to present the makeup items arranged and in one bag. Therefore, you should know how to effectively manage your makeup kit in the best way possible.

Having a good brush set contributes significantly to your overall appearance. The use of these brushes gives you the chance to control color disbursement and bring out a perfect finish. Probably you have been facing difficulty when it comes to cleaning storing and implementing makeup tricks. However, this guide will equip you with the best way to go about it.

How To Manage Your Makeup Kit Properly

Managing Brushes

Each and every brush in the kit has its specific purpose. At first, it may seem a little bit confusing, but once you know the function of each brush, it becomes less difficult to use and manage them as well. There are different types of brushes such as the powder brush, flat brush, short firm brush, eyeliner brush, angled brush, lip brush and the list goes on. All these brushes are used for specific purposes in order to bring out a great look.


When handling your makeup tools, ensure you do not share your tools and products with other people. Sharing your makeup may result to you experiencing skin problems, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is important that you clean your bag and sanitize the tools. Ensure the items are properly stored in a cool and dry place and away from the reach of children.

Clean Brushes

Cleaning your makeup kit is crucial, even for the brushes. Whenever these brushes come into contact with your skin, they pose a high risk of spreading bacteria, which often result to blemishes, acne scars, and other skin problems. Regular cleaning of your brushes will protect your skin by preventing the spread of the germs and enable you to still use your brushes (do not have to purchase new brushes).

For daily cleansing try sprinkling a daily cleanser on your brushes immediately after using doing your makeup. The cleanser will kill any bacteria present immediately. However, you also need to give each of your brushes a deep cleanse.

Brush Storage

The way you store the brushes really matters a lot, as it greatly determines their lifespan. For you to be able to preserve their shapes, it is important that they are stored appropriately. When making a purchase of the brushes, they often come in a leather holder which secludes them from each other and makes it easy to move around with them. If you normally leave your brushes in the house, ensure you store them in a vase while facing up, as it prevents them from tampering with each other.

Confirm the Dates

There are some products which need to be checked for their expiry dates or simply check the manufacturing date. Some tend to get contaminated before their expiry date if at all you do not store them appropriately. The main reason why most cosmetic products expire is as a result of exposure to heat, sunlight, sharing them or leaving them in the open. For example, a lip gloss, lipstick, eye base, powdered foundation should at least last for two years (from the manufacturing date). On the other hand your concealer, mascara, and liquid eyeliner do not last for more than six months, otherwise using them beyond this time period will only expose your skin to skin problems.

Makeup Bag

It is also important to frequently change the makeup bag you often use. Whenever you feel it has gotten shabby, get rid of it and replace it with a new one. The seasons are a great determinant on your makeups sensitivity. During the summer, temperatures are high, making the products rather sensitive. At least make it a habit of treating yourself with a new makeup kit bag twice in a year.

The Basics

The makeup bag you use on a daily basis should be equipped with the basic items used on regularly. Observing this make up tricks will bring you a step closer towards making your makeup routine manageable. This list largely depends on the kind of products you use. However, it should at least have a mascara, lip balm, blush brush, eye pencil, powder brush, a neutral lipstick shade, neutral eye shadow and a dental floss.


There is definitely no other way around it. With this guide, you have the opportunity to make your makeup routine easy and time saving. Thus, giving you the opportunity to efficiently and effectively manage your makeup kit, while at the same time ensuring you get the best from your products. Therefore, make it a habit of emptying and cleaning up your bag whenever you have time.