Have you ever gotten bored of the same night-out activities? Sometimes, it is nice to change things up and do something completely out of the ordinary for a night. These ideas are great for friends, dates, or anyone else that you want to have fun with for any reason. Whether you are tired of the same weekend activities or just trying to avoid a hangover, all of these ideas are definitely unique.

Zombie Room

For this interesting event, you are locked in a room with a zombie and eleven other people. You must find your way out before an hour is up. The door to the room is unlocked with a hidden key, and you have only one hour to use the hidden clues to find it. This game is made unique by the chained zombie. He is released one foot more for every five minutes that you are in the room until you escape. You can buy tickets for a group of up to twelve friends or bring your significant other and work with ten strangers. It is definitely something out of the ordinary!

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Some larger museums host scavenger hunts. During these hunts, groups of people have to explore the museum, find clues, and solve mysteries. These are usually open to the public though many museums also offer private scavenger hunts. The unique activity is perfect for a group of people or just you and a date.

Unorthodox Things To Do On Your Night Out

Cook and Eat Restaurants

Are you craving dinner, but not the same old place that you ate at last month? Consider a cook and eat restaurant. At these types of restaurants, you can get a large group together or just bring a date. Instead of ordering a meal, you pay to prepare your meal with the guidance of a chef. These are great – whether you are trying to improve your spouse’s cooking habits or just have a little fun!

Fitness Raves

The idea behind fitness raves is having a fitness-fueled night out instead of a booze-filled one. Fitness raves involve loud music, fitness instructors, colorful lights, and tons of dancing! It is a great night out, and the best part is that you will not have to worry about a hangover the next morning. This makes it the perfect way to unwind on a weeknight.

Laser Tag

When was the last time you played a game of laser tag? While laser tag may have been something you related to childhood, there is no reason you cannot use it for a fun date night idea or as an activity to do with friends. If laser tag does not seem like a good idea, consider roller blading or paintball. Any of these will take you back to your childhood while you build new memories with friends.

Concert in the Botanical Gardens

Have you ever wished you could enjoy great music in a calming atmosphere with a great view? Instead of dealing with rowdy club-goers and overpowering music at a club, look for a botanical garden concert in your area. Botanical gardens offer a chance to view some gorgeous plants and listen to great music. It is a great choice for a group of friends or the one that you love.

Ghost Tours

The final unique activity rounding out this list is a ghost tour. If you enjoy a scare, but haunted houses in your area are overrated, consider a tour of haunted areas around your city. Some cities have tours of their most haunted places, where a guide will take you through and share some history. Make sure everyone in your group is ready for a possible scare!

These are just a few of the ways to make your nights out memorable and unique. After crossing all of these items off your list, you might be in the mood for something more conventional. If that is the case, I recommend a good old-fashioned bar such as Avenue or any number of locations. Even the usual types of activities can be unique by themselves.

Lautaro Martinez is a full time writer who tries to find space in his busy schedule to unwind. When attempting to unwind, he seeks out unorthodox activities to help break up the usual. If you wish to learn more, you can visit his profile on Google+.