Sure diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but there’s a certain way, you may even call it ‘etiquette’ of wearing the right kind of diamond with the right attire. After all, if you don’t do it justice, this best friend of yours can also turn into your worst enemy.

With so much variety available to choose from, it can be confusing to pick the right kind of neck-piece for a certain outfit. But thanks to these diamond pendant designs, you don’t have to worry about matching jewellery with your outfit since they look good on everything!
Just pick one that suits your nature best, pair it with a simple chain, and voila!

7 Stunning Diamond Pendant Styles To Look Glamorous


The most popular ones are heart shaped pendants that look beautiful and can be used by any woman out there. These type of pendants also make for great gifts, especially from a guy to a girl to let her know about his feelings. You will absolutely love the collections that are available. You could have the entire pendant filled with diamonds or a simple gold pendant with a single diamond studded on it according to your liking and budget.


If you’re one of those who has many aspirations and dreams to fulfill, a star would be the best shape to go ahead with. It is the second most popular shape after heart that women choose in pendants and a diamond gives it the necessary shine every star must have.


Now this might sound a little unusual, but jewellery doesn’t always have to be lovey-dovey. If you’re too tired of the mainstream designs, you could go for something out of the ordinary. A simple butterfly, spider or a lady bug are a few of the options that you can explore under this type.


If you’re an animal lover, you absolutely have to opt for this type. Cute puppies, kittens, birds, bears, penguins, elephants and pandas make for adorable designs that will help you look stylish, cute as well as help you flaunt your love for animals.


Though not very popular, this is also another option available for you. Something with a deeper meaning, a key can symbolize a way to someone’s heart. A guy can gift a key shaped diamond pendant to the woman he loves which might symbolize that he is gifting her the key to his heart. On a much lighter note, it could also be something that you picked up for the contemporary and retro look it exudes.


For a cheerful look, tropical designs are the way to go! Flowers, leafs, mermaids, crabs, sea shells, starfishes and designs like that give a funky and bubbly personality to your attire and also helps you keep yourself cheerful on dull days.


If you’re more of a religious person, getting the symbol of your religion as a pendant is also a good idea. Especially with a diamond, the pendant will add elegance and a special meaning to your jewellery.