Summer is almost over. If you have not yet found the nerve to put on those skimpy pair of shorts or still not well toned to get a flattering look in your bikinis, you do have to work overtime to get those dimply cellulites and bulges out of your bum, thighs and legs sooner than you ever think possible! So, fret not. Choose from five categories fat treatments below and get the body you’ve been working all summer to finally see — in just a few days!

Remove The Unwanted Fat On Lower Body In Few Days

Unleash the Power of 5 to vanish unwanted lower body fat now!

From cellulite creams like Celluvexin, to clinic-based procedures that carry very little risks, there are now a number of treatment options available to give yourself the body you’ve always deserved.

Try any of the options below to give your body a boost. The only main difference lies on how much time you got to see results, and how much dollar you’re willing to risk. Check these out:

Non-surgical procedures. Also known as non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, these treatments carried out in clinics for normally just an hour or two, are worth your time and money, Some of which take one visit to deliver the results you want to see while, others requires several treatment sessions. Three of the non-surgical, fat reduction procedures you should be asking your skincare professional about are:

1. BodyFX. Using a device, this procedure involves massaging, sucking and heating the surface of the skin to melt away the fat underneath. In the case of cellulite removal, the device sucks at the skin hard and tight to snap the tough fibers that trap the unwanted fat cells in. The heating action not only melts and eliminates the damaged fat cells from the body but also, stimulates skin rejuvenation processes, including faster collagen production at higher volumes. This may require several treatments. Results have been found to last for years.

2. Cellfina. This minimally invasive procedure also cuts loose and melts away fat cells that are causing your lower body to bulge and your cellulites to appear bumpy and dimply. Using a subcision method, a tiny needle is inserted just below the surface of the skin, first to deliver the anaesthesia, next to cut the fibers, then to melt away the fat. The number of treatment depends on the severity of the fat on the problem areas.

3. Cellulaze. Uses a pen-type laser so small that it can be inserted underneath the skin. Using the heat of the laser, the fibers are cut and then the released fat cells are melted away, later to be excreted via natural means. Results are known to last for up to two years.

All three procedures have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Skin firming creams. You may be a believer or a skeptic. Truth is that skin firming creams do give your bulges and cellulites a more toned down, improved appearance, albeit only temporarily. Most skin firming creams will only flood your skin with moisture. Some, like Celluvexin, however, heat up your skin, stimulating faster fat metabolism to help melt away the fat underneath so that you can see more lasting, smooth skin.

However, skin firming creams do not directly address the root cause of cellulites. These products do not melt away the fiber and the trapped fat. Still, these products may help you to prevent the trapped fat from becoming larger.

Tone your muscles. Exercise is a great way to improve the performance of skin firming creams, weight training exercises most especially. Use your skin firming cream prior to workout to double the rate of fat loss you can experience from exercising alone.

Get a massage. Spa time is a great way to top up the results of any of the fat reduction treatments mentioned above. Massage improves your body’s fluid and nutrient circulation which, in turn, improves fat metabolism.

Tan or bronze your skin. The quickest fix of all is not even a treatment, it’s makeup! If you need to look good now, get yourself a self-tanner or, if you have money to spare, give yourself a tan treatment.


Cellulites are everybody’s problem — young and old, thin and obese. Lower body fat, too, is not uncommon among women because thighs and glutes are normally designated as fat storage areas among females. Though fat problems are common, you shouldn’t have to live to keep covering them up.