Most people associate the summer with going swimming and backyard barbecues and rarely give much thought to their personal safety. This is probably because few people realize that summer season is the most dangerous times of year. Statistically, there is an increase in the number of drunk driving incidents, as well as other crimes. In addition to this, emergency rooms report an increase in the number of patients they see during the summer.

In response, several groups, including many branches of government have issued recommendations and suggestions of ways to stay safe during the summer months. Following this advice can help you and your family to avoid injury or even death.

Drunk Driving And Accidents Increase In The Summer Season

Drunk Driving

Be aware of potentially drunk drivers. Unfortunately, too many drunk drivers start their evening with friends who know that they are drunk when they get into their car to drive home. For this reason, one of the best ways to protect yourself and others in your community is to be aware of who should not be driving. If you are hosting a party, carefully watch your guests and take the keys away from those who should not drive.

Traffic Accidents

Take precautions on road trips. The increased number of people traveling during the summer is believed to be behind the increased number of traffic accidents in the summer. Fortunately, there are some precautions that you can take to protect yourself. When driving long distances, be sure that you are well rested, and pay attention to the repair of your vehicle.

Vehicles that overheat or have a tire blow out on the highway can create a very serious accident. While driving, be sure to take frequent breaks, and stop when you become tired. Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the biggest causes of accidents during the summer season.

Swimming Accidents and Adults Drinking

Watch children around pools. Because so many people love to go swimming in the summer, the number of drownings goes up. Fortunately, many of these cases are preventable. If you have a swimming pool at your house, make sure that it is fenced off so that no one can fall into it accidentally. Always make sure that any children are carefully supervised around a pool. When adults are drinking alcohol in an atmosphere where children may be playing the odds for accidents increase.

Sadly, many children drown in full view of adults, but all of them report later that none of them were paying attention to what the children were doing. Once the swimming season is over, consider getting a cover for the pool to prevent any accidents. If you plan on drinking designate volunteers to keep a closer eye on the children playing.

Be Aware

Be aware of unusual activity. New people in a neighborhood can be expected during the summertime, since so many people use this season to move or visit friends and family. You can never be to sure when you are not familiar with new neighbors or visitors habits. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself is to get to know the people in your community, and have them know you.

By making friends with the people who live around you, you will be aware when someone does something out of the ordinary. Most accidents are prevented simply by people who are aware of their surroundings.

Be responsible, drink responsible and plan ahead for the safety of everyone around you when participating in social events.

Christopher Steven is an avid blogger who is passionate about spreading DUI awareness and encouraging safe practices for all communities while working with Tulsa DUI Lawyer, Zach Smith in his own community to educate and promote safety, accident prevention and drunk driving awareness.