Addressing the issue of whether network security “really is as difficult as it seems,” Tracey said for some it is. But with what he called a “Unified Threat Management,” which can manage all security needs under one interface, such as Web filtering, e-mail encryption and filtering and simple easy reports, it gets much easier.

“We’ve been around for ten years,” he said, adding that traditionally you needed to purchase many different devices and train many administrators on them, and worry about backups and whatnot if something went wrong, but “we can put it all under one product now.”

Quite often companies will give out wireless Internet access with rather insecure devices to visitors or whoever, but Astaro (News – Alert) includes that in their monitoring and reporting as well. “You have to have that flexibility, you can’t go out and buy all these separate products and service contracts,” he said.

Web filtering will never go away, he noted, adding that “constantly administrators are trying to get their arms around all that interesting video traffic,” which generally slows down the network for legitimate business needs.

People have a lot of remote offices and need secure ways to log in, and with remote Ethernet devices, they can hook them in and manage their security needs as well. “Just simplify it,” he said.

He said he hopes to educate people to the company and its products. “We can show them all our features in one dashboard. It’s not that difficult. You don’t need a separate administrator to come in and manage it. You can do it yourself with the right tools.”