Those who may have rented homes would know well that the paper work sometimes feels like a pain in the neck. While there is a standard format of creating a rental agreement but many times the property owners want to include their own terms and conditions. Explaining those terms and conditions to a lawyer can feel like a task. All in all the process of creating a rental agreement is certainly a challenge which takes the control away from a property owner. This is also why getting it created seems like a task.

How can Help?

Assume you are searching for houses in Bangalore for rentals. Housing allows you to search for properties for sale in Bangalore as well as houses for rent in bangalore. You can log into the portal and select the ‘Rent’ option form the home page. You find a rental property you like and contact the property owner. After the negotiations, you move to the house and have the rental agreement delivered to you. You get it on your door steps, sign it and the deal is on! How has this been done? has launched a rental search agreement service in Bangalore. This service allows a property owner to create a rental agreement from the confines of his/her home. The owner complete control over the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The process of creation of one can be initiated by logging into the portal and then clicking on “Create Rental Agreement” option by scrolling down the main page.

Make Your Own House Rules Create Rental Agreement Yourself

How is the Rental Agreement Created?

When the rental agreement is being created, the property owner sees a blank stamp paper in background and a list of options in the left hand side of the screen. These options include ‘Landlord’, ‘Tenant’, ‘Rent’ etc. When the owner clicks one of them, a form appears on top of the stamp paper. Suppose ‘Tenant’ is clicked. A form appears where the property owner has to enter the details of the tenant including name, address etc. As soon as the form is filled, it is seen that the stamp paper has all the details of the tenant, citing the agreement between the property owner and him/her.  As the owner fills more forms by clicking on the options on the left, the rental agreement keeps getting created.

This rental agreement is resplendent with legal vocabulary. It is valid for all properties and apartments in Bangalore. If required it can be produced in the court of law. The whole process of creation becomes exceedingly simple. allows for all kinds of clauses including those related to animals, maintenance, parking etc. This agreement becomes as comprehensive as can be. In the end, the property owner is able to dictate his/her own terms without having to spend time trying to explain it to someone. The best part is that there is absolutely no need to have the knowledge of legal terms.

There is a provision to pay the stamp duty online. For a meagre fee, the agents of can also take a printout and deliver it to the tenant. They get it signed at the doorsteps of the tenant and have the agreement enforced.

In Conclusion allows end users to find properties with considerable ease. The portal however has also ascertained the other needs of the end users and this service is the answer to that demand.