Transform your Laptops into Wireless Workflow Enablers

Extend your office into the field with laptops that enable Wireless Workflow. AT&T LaptopConnect cards, compatible with most Windows-based systems, let your mobile workforce use their laptops to stay in touch with the office, customers, and business partners.

With a LaptopConnect card, you can send and receive data in real-time on the AT&T wireless network.

* Enable transmission of large emails while on the road
* Expedite processes by giving users access to corporate applications and databases
* Increase productivity with full desktop-like functionality on the road
* Support critical internal applications wirelessly

LaptopConnect cards are built to keep your work flowing from almost anywhere.

Card features include:

* Full portfolio of cards that support a wide range of laptop configurations
* Enhanced mobile broadband performance with HSPA technology
*  International Data Roaming in over 200 countries

Connect, Protect, and Transform Your Wireless Workflow

The accelerated speeds and extensive nationwide coverage of the AT&T wireless network create breakthrough opportunities for using laptops to enable Wireless Workflow from any location—enhancing the way work flows between people, processes, and systems.