Server Technology Inc, specializing in power distribution units and management solutions announced the introduction of a new Smart Power Monitor product for deployment into 50/60 Amp, 3-phase Delta, 208-240V power systems.

In a release Brandon Ewing, President of Server Technology (News – Alert) said, “This product will meet the demands of data managers who are looking to retrofit their data centers quickly, with little to no downtime. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to get the intelligent monitoring capabilities of our top of the line products without having to replace existing power distribution units.”

“We’ve listened to our customers and responded to their needs. Data centers running 50 or 60 Amps now have access to the same Smart Power Monitor upgrade that our current 20 and 30 Amp power distribution unit customers have been deploying. Data Center Managers now have an inexpensive option for getting the power and environmental information they require to most effectively run their facilities,” Ewing added.

According to company sources the entire Smart Power Monitor line, including the new high-density version, is designed to add input current load and power monitoring to any existing server cabinet using an integral Web based interface or through a serial connection where no network power interface was previously installed.

Data center server racks that are employing basic or metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and running on high-density amperages in the range of 50 or 60 Amp will now be retrofitted to match the intelligence level of a Smart PDU. It will provide a Web interface and gives the user network access to view power, temperature and humidity levels, and also receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions go beyond defined thresholds.

Also the Smart Power Monitors have dual power inputs that can protect redundancy and dual outputs to support two PDUs. As a result only one Smart Power Monitor is needed per cabinet, added company officials.

Upgrading a server rack with a Smart Power Monitor will enable users to find if there is enough available power to add additional devices to the cabinet without overloading a circuit and bringing down the input feed. Using True RMS current monitoring for greater accuracy and with knowledge of the power draw (in Amps) users can ensure that each PDU is properly loaded for redundancy in case one of the two input feeds is lost.

The Smart product line helps in network monitoring of the PDU by leveraging the serial interface, internal Web interface or the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) Software System. Server Technology’s produces, including the Smart CDU and Smart Power Monitors are capable of supporting two external ten-foot probes for monitoring both temperature and humidity. Users will receive SNMP or email-based alerts when power or environmental conditions cross thresholds.