Cloud computing service helps you to gain access to computer applications and software through internet technology. This type of cutting edge service has gained popularity among the small and medium sized businesses. According to a survey conducted it has been found that many small businesses and startup companies are expected to spend a huge amount of money on it. Cloud computing solutions have improved things from companies all around the world.

Rene Bostic has vast knowledge in cloud computing and at present she has been working in IBM North America as a Vice President for Cloud Technical Sales. As a proficient in Hybrid Cloud Integration, she has directed and flawlessly coordinated the application of the development systems for several clients in vertical businesses. Rene has spent several years at IBM Corporation. Throughout the tenure, she has held various designations in the leadership, sales, and support positions. Her fortes and core capabilities include a proven record of happenings in accord building, interfacing and associating with C-level officials and high-ranking business frontrunners across all levels to evaluate, design, and apply enterprise and cloud computing solutions.

Rene Bostic says that the first and chief important benefit of the cloud computing is the price. Typically with clouds there are no starting investment necessities for infrastructure. In addition there are no costs for maintenance, software promotion or infrastructure, in-house IT teams or license fees. Generally there is a variety of service packages present to suit every business requirements. Apart from this the cloud computing has availability of unlimited services. Usually, the cloud service providers offer the unlimited option on storage capacity, number of users, user access and backup size. Besides, cloud computing provides easy and universal access of applications, procedures and data. Largely, all cloud services are available at any time in the internet. Moreover, users and businesses not required to worry about the customizations and settings. One can access the data and applications from any device or computer.

Cloud computing has been accepted by maximum number of IT infrastructure management firms who are eager to exploit the many benefits to following the Cloud computing model. For one, they save significantly on their operational costs as they do not have to invest in costly hardware. Another benefit is there is no limit to the data you can store in the Cloud and Cloud allows them to share their resources remotely.

From the University of Houston in Texas, Rene Bostic received her Certificate in Strategic Foresight and has also received many IBM accolades, which consist of appreciations as part of the Multicultural Women Symposium, Leadership Forum, and Golden Circle, to name a few. She has been bestowed with a Career Communications Group Leadership award for advocating and mentoring sciences and maths disciplines.

For the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI) Rene Bostic is a member of the board of directors. She is a proficient member of the Communications Group, Inc. (Women of Color), Cloud Standards Customer Council, and a member of the Society of Women Engineers.