Along with the reputation of being the accounting software, QuickBooks has established itself in different platform and operating system. It has already supported desktop versions of Windows and Linux as QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier and Accountants. After that it has appeared in mobile platform as well. Starting from android, QuickBooks mobile app has released its iOS version also. iPhone and iPad users are also now an avid users of QuickBooks. Recently it has launched the latest version of iOS, 4.4 for iPhone and iPads. Users can easily upgrade their app by going to the App Store or iTunes on their iPhone and/or iPad and updating the QuickBooks App.

iPhone  iPad 4.4 Update by QuickBooks

What iOS version of QuickBooks App Offers

The mobile app of QuickBooks has no difference from the desktop version of it. It is the same accounting software and works in the same way in desktop and mobile. This mobile app rather makes QuickBooks more remote. The QuickBooks App in iOS features:

  • Customer signatures on estimates and invoices in iPhone- When customer approves an estimate or invoice, tap ‘Get Signature’ at the bottom of the page and have them sign using their finger.
  • Updated Profit & Loss report on iPad- Tap Reports in the ‘Menu’, the ‘P&L report’ displays by default, which shows a graph of the income and expenses. Tap ‘Profit & Loss’ and choose from 4 reports. Tap the ‘date’ to specify a date range. Toggle between the graph and list view.
  • Get Balance Sheet report on iPad- Users can see a list of their current asset, liability, and equity account balances as of today’s date.
  • Use Touch ID or Passcode for additional security- Now users can save time using a passcode or Touch ID instead of entering the username and password each time they sign in. To setup passcode or Touch ID, click ‘Menu’ and go to ‘Settings’. There go to ‘Account’ and slide the button on right to enter passcode or Touch ID.
  • Password manager support- Users can add QuickBooks login credentials to a password manager app, as a convenient alternate way to sign into QuickBooks Online Mobile.
  • View key QuickBooks insights on your Apple Watch- Users can quickly see account balances, income, expenses, and open invoice amounts at a glance.

New Additions in 4.4 version

  • Multicurrency Support- To enable the option click ‘Gear’, then go to ‘Company Settings’, choose ‘Advanced’ and then click ‘currency’. Select ‘Multicurrency’ checkbox. Select “I understand I can’t undo Multicurrency” checkbox. And click ‘Save’. Once turn on the options, users can assign a foreign currency to customers, vendors, banks, and credit cards. The currencies they use most often appear at the top of the ‘Choose Currency’ list.
  • Modify Multiple Bank Feed Transactions At Once- Tap ‘Accept Transactions’ and then ‘select multiple’. Select the transactions you want, and then modify category, payee, and other fields, or accept them all at once. You can also sort transactions so they’re easier to find.
  • Manually Refresh Bank Feeds- To refresh all accounts, tap the refresh icon on the Banking screen. To refresh a single account, pull down its screen
  • Enter Negative Prices & Rates- When you create or edit a transaction, you can add an item that has a negative price or rate. This is useful for recording a customer’s deposit or pre-payment, so the amount they already paid is deducted from the total due.

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