Way back, American football and the-then popular game rugby were considered quite identical.  Thereafter a period came when Walter Camp as well as the 1880’s college football regulations convention replaced the concepts of scrums. For generation today, both football and rugby are not very much diverse because both the sports need strength, speed, and intelligence of players. No matter, whether its football or Rugby they equally involve numbers of men moving on the court along with the ball while both the team try to defeat their opponent. Meanwhile, the Rugby World Cup has been organized when Australia is beaten by New Zealand and they own the Webb Ellis Trophy.

According to top football enthusiasts and media information that fans of America are extremely passionate with the American football due to its fastness, tempo and great players. The toughness of American football has also been proved that it is not a game for the feeble, and to become successful in these playoffs an extremely mannish playing attitude is important.  The immense football passionate and coach of Yule University football team Steven Rindner considers that behind the craze and popularity of football in modern era, rugby has a great contribution. According to him that American football has emerged with certain changes in the concept of rugby. Thus, rugby can be considered as the mother of American football which is played with great passion all across the United States. Talking about the full fledged rugby era, he recalls the contribution of Walter Camp who founded and designed these modifications that eventually formed new generation concept of football.

The eminent player and distinguished football coach has been an adored name in American football arena. Born in the pleasant state Connecticut he has been associated with the Yale College and University for quite a long period of time. As a thoughtful football player, he also realized and designed different game tricks like passing of balls or misleading opponent players. All these thoughts were based on the language rules of rugby. The whole idea was to make the game more attractive, appealing to players and to its enthusiasts. He states in his blog writing that most of these techniques have been employed by different clubs and in the basics there is Rugby. Among these notable changes one is obviously the lessening of team players from 15 to 11.

Though it was initially not approved by many newly formed boards but, it is the credit of Walter Camp who made the things done. Furthermore, he also brought-in a series of laws in respect of violation of game laws. He realized with his great insight that only with disciplinary rules that kind of hostile attitude in the contest can be eliminated. He established that following of firm corrective measures can truly help in betterment of the game. This will make it enjoyable to players as well as to all supporters. That is the real essence of game. Steven Rindner recalls many of his contemporaries, who supported him a lot in this major endeavor. He also appreciates the superlative thoughts and their effective applications, done by Walter Camp what made American football comprehensive.