If you have been to any weddings or birthday parties recently, you may have contributed photos to Instagram or Twitter with a specific hashtag. These hashtags allow all the photos you and your friends post to be gathered on one page that everyone can enjoy long after the event is over. This new trend makes it easy to capture memories from all corners of the event.

Companies are picking up on this trend and adding hashtag printing, a way to get all those memories printed onto photos for everyone to take with them. This is not only a good idea for parties, but it’s also become a great way for companies to engage with their clients beyond their social media presence. It’s an easy way to promote a hashtag and spread the word about your company, marketing campaign, product launch, or fundraiser.

What makes hashtag printing so unique from other methods of sharing photos? For one, it does not require a designated photo booth, but it does attract customers to your location. People are more likely to stop at your business and take photos if they know they can pick up that photo from a printing station. The prints themselves can be branded with your company logo, so that anyone else who sees them will connect them to your product or store. This means the brand will be able to establish a presence outside of social media, something companies are always interested in doing.

All About Hashtag Printing

With so many Millennials utilizing social media, this marketing technique can be used on any business or casual occasion. The experience of capturing moments and sharing them with friends and family is an attraction they gravitate towards. Hashtag printing can be used at corporate events as well; this will give you new material from hundreds of viewpoints that can be used to market the company culture.

Because the trend relies solely on other’s phones and devices, the overhead for incorporating this marketing technique is relatively low. Your business will only have to cover the cost of the printing materials. There are already several companies that provide this service, so it may be a good idea to research what they charge to provide the printing service. Other companies sell the printing devices as well; many of them are fast working printers that are sleek in design and efficient for servicing large amounts of people.

Today, even Forbes is reporting that this trend is wildly popular. If this is something you believe will benefit your company, be sure to do plenty of research on the various products and services already offered on the market. It may be that teaming up with another company allows you to maximize the potential of this trend, and if you do not believe it is affordable to purchase the printing equipment, these companies can still help you get off the ground. Remember to always keep your branding in mind, and try to use this marketing concept to bring customers into your business, where they can try out your product or service. Do not pass this easy and low cost marketing trend.

Florin A. is an advertising specialist with deep knowledge using client information and data to develop and produce alternatives that achieve wonderful client experience and professional advantage.