Mexico is a country full of history. Throughout the country, you can find stunning ancient ruins, fabulous museums and breathtaking beaches. The beautiful sights, strange sounds and colourful streets of Mexico excite kids the same way they do to adults.

Mexicans love children! In Mexico, children are a particular part of everyday life. The country is full of kids-friendly activities and attractions, and kids are mostly welcomed at all accommodations, cafes and restaurants. There are 3 main regions perfect for those travelling with children: Mexico City, the Pacific Coast and the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

Travelling To Mexico With Kids: Fabulous Regions To Explore.

Mexico City

Mexico City will keep your kids’ well-entertained thanks to its world-class aquarium, the zoo and the fabulous Museum for kids. Furthermore, the capital of Mexico always counts with special activities entirely dedicated to kid’s entertainment.

One of the best places to spend a beautiful day is at Kidzania. In this park your children will learn what it’s like to be a grown-up. Once they enter to Kidzania everyone gets a “paycheck” they must deposit in the bank. Then they can choose a work to earn they own money. In Kidzania, kids learn a lot about the real value of money. This park is the perfect day to keep kids entertained while learning.

Furthermore, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the largest city park in the world: Chapultepec Park. Inside of the park, you will find the Zoo and a small amusement park. Certainly, this park is an excellent place for a relaxing day with your family.

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast of Mexico is simply fabulous! White, powdery beaches and warm crystal clear waters are the most important feature. In addition to its idyllic beaches, the Pacific Coast of Mexico counts with beautiful cities like Puerto Vallarta and Zihuatanejo, with fabulous activities and attractions to keep you and your children entertained.

Puerto Vallarta features one of the best Dolphins Centres in Mexico, Dolphin adventure. This centre offers interactive programs and the opportunity to swim, plan and learn with dolphins. This is an activity that we are sure your kids will love.

Travelling To Mexico With Kids: Fabulous Regions To Explore.

Yucatan Peninsula

While the most notable feature of Yucatan Peninsula is the beautiful Mayan Ruins, this Peninsula also counts with unique and idyllic beaches perfect if you are travelling with your kids. If it’s your first time in Mexico, you must stay in Tulum. Tulum is located on cliffs overlooking the Caribbean.

If you want to enjoy a lifetime experience with your kids, we suggest you visit Rio Secreto. Rio Secreto offers a guided tour through an underground cave. The guide will provide hard hats with lamps and wetsuits for a walk and swim across this quiet cave. Inside of the cave kids will be amazed to see this cave draped with stalactites. At the end of the guided tour, kids will experience how would it be living in the darkness. The guide will order to turn off the lamp and remain quiet for 2 minutes.

Are you planning to spend your next holidays in Mexico? Pack up and travel with your kids to Mexico.